imageMouthpiece Ministries is the name The Lord gave me when he confirmed to me that my ministry is in my mouth. I have been called to be a voice to the nations, but the significance is in the word mouthpiece. MW’s dictionary defines mouthpiece as one that expresses or interprets another’s views :spokesman. I am not creating this blog to share my opinion, but to allow the breath of God to breath through me in order to dialogue about ways to advance the kingdom of God on the earth. Jesus said he will not return until the gospel of the kingdom is preached. This is my platform for doing just that and I hope others will interject their thoughts as well for a clearer picture of what the Father is doing and saying. I look forward to this journey of discovery through words, which are containers of power and hope some want to walk the narrow road of the kingdom with me. Welcome to Mouthpiece Ministries, a place where the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart can be pleasing to our Father.