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ImageImageThis weekend has been reading, writing, listening, praying and watching sermon after sermon, it has felt like a personal spiritual retreat and I am loving it, but I am shaking on the inside. People things are getting worst in the spirit world, there is a deception that is released that is lulling people to sleep and they are using the media, tv, etc. to set people up to believe what is coming. My heart is stirred, not with arrogance and a war cry, but with a soberness, a sense of intensity, a real hunger for more of the Lord. I have not felt like this in years, I mean I am hungry daily, but this is like a devouring of all things truth that is going on inside of me. I am still tired from Malaysia, I am still on cranberry water, 7 pounds in 7 days is a good start, but I am sensing that what is coming is going to take incredible strength and the Lord is affirming to me that we need to be a triple threat. Every believer needs to be strong, body soul and spirit. I know I need strength in my body, so those changes are in progress, but we need super strong walks with God, not wavering, and we need souls that are healed of all things that seek to hinder and destroy. I do not know where you are weak, but it is time to be strong. No one is going to come along and carry you, you have to decide to stand up, know you are worth winning and do whatever it takes to discipline yourself for success. It is so close, I can feel it in my spirit, I can hear it in my ears and I am beginning to see it with my eyes. Be strong and of good courage (Joshua 1:8).


This is just a thought I felt moved to share with all of you. I know God has in this discipleship training together now for a reason. We all have an area or two of weakness and we must strengthen ourselves in the Lord. I will walk with you, train you, encourage you, give you ways to get stronger, but you have to want to do it. Time is running out, the battle is closer than we realize, but it is not going to glory with some real guts, we will need to fight in or to wear the victors crown, so we have to be strong. Not in our personality, not in our opinions, not in our vain ambitions, but in the Lord. Close to Him, intimate with Him, aware of Him.


I love you all so much, I am honored to be in this with you and I know we will get there, but you have to make the time to train. What you do in secret when no one is watching will be seen in the public one day, whether for good or bad. I got your back, I am here if you need support, encouragement, words of life, but we must be self-motivated, self-disciplined, we must know WHY we are doing this. My future depends on me being physically strong. The Lord spoke to me that I need to be fit in order to finish. So, that is my challenge physically, but I believe this is true for every area of our lives. If we are going to finish, not quit, not be taken out early, but really finish, we have to be physically, spiritually and emotionally fit. Keep going, we will get there, TOGETHER.


Much love to you all.