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Job 28:23, 28 “God understands the way (to Wisdom) and He knows the

                             place of it (Wisdom is with God alone. …But to man He

                             said, behold the reverential and worshipful fear of the

                             Lord – that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is



Preachers all over the world offer the character traits and attributes of God separate from God Himself. This is not intentional, but it is done weekly in churches all over the world. We promise people prosperity, wisdom, grace, healing, you name it, as something that God gives, rather than as something that God is. For whatever reason, we have taken who God is and made Him into something He does. To God, there is no separation between who He is and what He does. He is One through and through and he has made us as humans the same way.

We cannot give money away without being a person of generosity; we cannot say words of comfort without being a person of compassion. What we do is who we are, they are not two separate things. Just as we cannot show love to our spouse or child without being love ourselves, God cannot do anything without it being who He is, in His divine nature. So, when we tell people God wants to prosper them, many are looking for money to fall out of the sky, but God is looking for people that want to know Him as one that loves to see His people prosper.

To try and get something from God without wanting God, Himself, is a violation of design. In human language that is taking someone for granted. So, when Job declares Wisdom is with God alone, he is saying, God is wisdom, it is not something He does, it who He is and if you want wisdom you have to want God. Unfortunately, without realizing it, we have been offering people what God is without sharing with them who God is. So, we have perversions, like people that name it and claim it, thinking that is the key to prosperity. Or people who are walking away from God because they did not get the healing they were praying for. God is not a vending machine and our prayers are not the coins that activate it. He is God, He is good, He is healing, He is wisdom, He is truth, He is generous, when we want Him, not for what He has, but for who He is, we will eventually see in our lives all He is.

The reality is, God wants us to know Him, want Him, need Him, in our lives and if we were honest and stripped it all away, that is what we are longing for. Our spirits are crying out for an intimate, passionate, fervent relationship with God, His stuff is nice, but when you have Him, you are not even thinking about all those other things. When people know you want them, not what they have, they open up their hearts and their treasures to you, but if they perceive you are after their stuff, they will withhold themselves and their stuff. It is a law of the kingdom that cannot be broken, God is wisdom, they are one in the same person. May you desire God, not what God gives or has. Remember Matthew 6:33, seek first (as your only desire) the kingdom (the king’s domain) and all these things (whatever you think you need) will be added unto you.

I know from experience that when I get God, His presence, His power, His face, nothing else has any significance. He is truly All I want!