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To some this is going to sound weird, but for the believer it should be encouraging, exciting, liberating. The Lord revealed to me this morning that as believers we are to live with dual realities. It is all over scripture this concept of dual realities, but it is not something we are consciously aware of on a moment by moment basis. The bible says, we are in the world, but we are not of the world; greater is He that is in you, then he that is in the world; our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers, rulers and those in dark places. The scriptures are seeking to remind us, you live on earth, this is one of your realities, but your citizenship is in heaven, this too is your reality. We live with dual realities.

Where we choose to focus our attention, our thoughts, our everything determines which world we look to for help. I recently went through a very fierce battle in this world. It was as though the hounds of hell were unleashed on me. My emotions were taking me to a dark place, my thoughts were tormenting me, everywhere I looked around me, it seemed hopeless, I was in despair, my heart was sinking fast. Then I remembered the scripture as I cried myself to sleep, weeping endures for the night, but joy comes in the morning. I went to sleep with tears in my eyes and on my pillow to wake up the next morning, literally with a new found strength. I almost couldn’t believe it, because the battle was so fierce the night before, that I thought maybe I just stuffed my emotions, but no the Lord kept reassuring me, joy comes in the morning, His mercy is new every morning, He makes all things new. It was grace, it was truth, it was liberating.

As I was praying that morning, I began to speak about the greatness of God, I began to talk about how good God is, how faithful He is, I began to bless the Lord with all my soul and all that was in me, was blessing His holy name. I then began to say it is not weakness to run to my tower of refuge and strength, I began to shout, it is not retreat to hide in the shelter of the Most High, I began to declare that the cleft of the rock is not for the fearful, but for the faithful. I realized that dependency is a sign of strength and not weakness when we are depending on our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Then as I was lifting up my eyes to the Lord (Psalm 121), realizing where my help comes from, I got the revelation that we live with dual realities.

Heaven became so real in that moment, I felt the joy the of the Lord, I saw the seraphim flying through the air of heaven, I was barefoot and could feel the streets of gold beneath my feet, I saw waterfalls and rainbows, I could hear birds singing and there was a peace that came over me, a freedom from the pain I was experiencing. I step into another reality. I could see healing, prosperity, the kingdom advancing, power and life, oh the life I felt. I smiled, I laughed, I paused and took a deep breath of the air, and the Lord said to me, this is your reality, it is only a lifting of the eyes away.

My life is forever changed today, for I realized we live with dual realities. It is a reality that I live on earth with sin, people’s personalities, needing to go to work everyday, working out at the gym, shopping, putting gas in the car, raising my son, and all the realities that come with this earth, but I also live with the reality that the kingdom of God is advancing, that healing, prosperity and life is mine as well. I live with dual realities and as long as I lift my eyes up to the hills, I know more than ever before, my help comes from the Lord. When I look at the realities of earth, my heart is overwhelmed with pain, suffering, and sin that I see, hear and experience. This reality does not go away, but as a believer, I have another reality, heaven is real, the kingdom of God is just an eye lifting away and that is as much of a reality to me as the earth on which I live.

What a joy to live with dual realities.

John 18:36 “Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.”