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Matthew 5:5 says, “Blessed are the meek…for they shall inherit the earth.”

The desire to inherit something is a God given desire, because inheritance is like grace, it is something given that is more than what we earned. An inheritance only goes to those of whom there is a relationship established. People do not leave an inheritance to strangers they have never met, rather they leave it for people of whom they have a relationship. Some people leave an inheritance to their children, so their children can go farther than they went, do more than they did and see more than they saw. An inheritance is meant to be built upon, added to, and given away over and over again. However, there is a key to unlocking inheritance, you must be in a relationship with the one giving the inheritance, not out of getting the inheritance, out of genuine love for that person.

Many of us have read the passage in Matthew 5, where Jesus unlocks all the blessings for those who are in a relationship with him. The best part about it is, the Lord reveals what He is looking for in a relationship with us and what we will receive from having that character quality in our relationship with Him. Each blessing has its own unique aspect of the relationship. Just as in families, based on our relationship we receive certain aspects of an inheritance, it is not something we can demand, but rather is given based on relationship. So, the master key to all inheritance is relationship, but each individual inheritance has its own key as well. Today, we are going to look at the key to unlocking the inheriting of the earth.

The Bible is clear that to unlock the inheriting of the earth, you must possess the key of meekness. For many years, I was unclear as to what meekness really was, but I heard a definition that struck a chord in me, because I could be this definition. Meekness means to be teachable. This encompassed the word for me in a way that revolutionized my desire to inherit the earth. Being teachable is directly related to be humble and I understood that word, so this correlation made sense to me. Then as I began to dig into this idea of being teachable the Lord began to reveal some truths that are transformative in nature.

As people we have thoughts that are solidified in our minds and for many of us, apart from an earthquake from heaven we have no intention of changing the way we think, whether those thoughts are right or wrong. Growing up, our culture, our families, our experiences all cement thoughts and ideas about life into our minds. Some of our thoughts have been there for so many years, the idea of thinking differently is not even an option, for some people. And to think our thoughts might be counter kingdom and that the Lord would want to change them, does not cross many people’s minds. I know, because I have been there. Yet, the Bible is riddled with invitations to change the way we think, from the ever so popular Romans 12:1-2 to the not so familiar Psalm 7:9, which says, “For You, Who try the hearts and emotions and thinking powers are a righteous God” (AMP). From Genesis to Revelation, the Lord has been in hot pursuit of revolutionizing the way we think.

In my meditation and prayer around this subject, the Lord said, “If you weren’t so stiff-necked about some of your views on different subjects, you wouldn’t get so bent out of shape when people see it differently than you do.” (Ouch, Selah, Truth) The key to inheriting the earth is meekness, to be meek means to be teachable, to be teachable, you have to be open to other viewpoints on most subjects. I have come to believe that the only subject in my life that is not open to change, is the character of God, everything else, needs to be flexible, bendable, moldable, changeable if I am to inherit the earth. I also believe that if we heed the call to meekness, humility, teach ability, we would see arguments end, splits stop, division diverted and unity prevail. The head of the church is Christ, the body and the head are not to be doing different things, they are to be unified and even though we may express a different aspect of who God is, His unchangeable character, we can be unified if we are willing to be meek. Then we will see the church be the true reflection of the kingdom of God on earth. It starts with me committing to be meek.