All year long prophetic words have been spoken based on the Hebrew calendar which notes this is the year of open doors. People are believing and praying for open doors and rightfully so, for this is the season of the open door and we do not want to miss it. But did you know, that a door is an entry way or an opening, but a gate, which is used 375 times in the Bible, is talked about more often than a door, but is not talked about nearly as much in our conversations.

“The gate was the center of city life in biblical times. Originally designed to defend a city against attack, this massive structure soon became a combination of community center, city hall, and marketplace. People paid their taxes in the city gate, and officials settled legal matters there. Prophets prophesied and kings ruled in the gate. Shops and markets around the gate provided for the people’s daily needs. Lot sat in the gate of Sodom. In the gate, Boaz established his legal right to marry Ruth. Absalom won the affection of Israel in the gate. The Bible predicts the return of the Messiah for the Last Judgment in the symbolism of the Eastern Gate of Jerusalem. When we understand these complex structures, we have a “window” on life in biblical times. (That The World May Know. Teacher’s Guide I, p. 14.)

As I was in prayer this morning, the Lord said to me, “I am opening major cities around the world to my glory!” Immediately the Lord led me Psalm 24:7 which says, “Lift up your heads, O you gates! and be lifted up you, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in”. Gates are being opened to public meeting places, cities, towns, palaces, royal castles, temples and even heaven itself. We need to keep praying for open doors, but I believe the Lord said, we need to declare the gates be lifted up, so the King of Glory can come in. 

Earlier this week, I got a picture of a Trojan horse and the Lord said, just as they were hidden in that horse as they entered the city gate, so we are hidden in Christ. The King of Glory wants us to pray that the gates of cities, public places, palaces, etc. will be opened and as He, the King of Glory goes in, we go in with Him. Now is the time to pray for the lifting up of the ancient and modern gates.