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Darkness marches on as though God is unaware; evil increases as though God will do nothing; the enemy is taking prisoners freely, as though there is no deliverer; wickedness flaunts itself on t.v, in movie theatres, magazines and newspapers around the world as though they are in control; but God is going to suddenly turn on the light of His glory, without notice, He is going to show up and darkness will flee. The enemy is throwing a party that many are engaged in, but when the glory comes down and the darkness flees, people will be seen in shameful places.

The Lord has been speaking, He has been calling people out of these systems of darkness, but many have shut their ears to His voice, because of the benefits they are receiving from the systems. They were lured in with promises of wealth, women, promotion, position, etc. and many went like sheep to the slaughter, not knowing it is a trap. My people are trapped in systems of debt; sexually immoral systems; governmental and political systems; and religious systems. God has been making a way of escape, but you have refused to leave, let go, say no. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life have trapped you and you think no one sees, no one notices. But God has been calling out to you, you hear His voice, but you refuse to come out. You have been warned of the coming disaster/judgement, but you think you will escape.

The door of escape is about to close, the opportunity to exit is coming to an end, once the door is shut, your decision will be final. This is yet another call to come out of her. Fear is keeping you bound, but if you will yield and say yes to the voice of God, the Lord will set you free. Come out of her My people, don’t delay, the door of exit is about to close.

(Inspired by Isaiah 65 and 66)