There is a side of God’s love that is not comfortable, it does not feel good to the flesh, but it is love nonetheless. We are about to experience this love of God which will deal with our sin, especially the hidden sin of idolatry. Leaders have twisted the word of God to say what they want and they have taught the people to do the same thing.

The temple in Jerusalem was destroyed after the cross; Annanias and Sapphira were killed for lying to the Holy Spirit, after the cross. This is not an Old Testament warning, this is a grace warning for the time of judgment is drawing near. God’s judgment of sin is an act of love, it is actually His grace, for He desires that none should perish, but all should come to repentance and experience eternal life. If God leaves us I our sin, we will hear on the last day, Matthew 7, away from me, I never knew you.

God is about to deal with sin, now, so we still have time to repent. It will be an act of mercy, so we do not perish forever. But, know this, there is going to be a widespread identity crisis, for many have only known their idols of ministry, money, their job, and power/control. When all that is stripped away, they will not know who they are, they will be just as lost and disillusioned as the unbeliever.

This is where those who have been invisible will become visible. The mature sons and daughters of God who have been practicing the presence in the secret place; who have been working on root systems; who have learned they are sons and daughters, who have a Father; who have not let church, money or ministry define them; who hear His voice and obey, no matter what the personal cost to them; who have their identity as a son or daughter of God; they will be used to gather in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen. They will help restore the lost sheep of Israel to the Father; they will rescue the unbeliever from fire (Jude 22-23); they will stand with the Father and rejoice with all those who were lost, but are now found.