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Prophetic News From Malaysia                                      August 14, 2014

After being back in Malaysia again for three weeks there are three things which I have noticed that the Lord spoke to me about. 

1. The Haze – there is a terrible haze across the entire nation, but more so in the Klang Valley in Kuala Lumpur where the seat of government is.  It comes and goes in intensity.  There are days when the visibility is not too bad and then there are strings of days when you can only see a very short distance due to the intense haze.  It is often accompanied by a burning smell as well.

 The haze is representative of the impaired sight and vision of the nation.  It hides the sun, the moon and the stars and it is very hard to navigate in, let alone to set a course forward for the future.  It clouds the sight of the people and they can not see clearly or rightly understand what is going on around them.  Nothing is made clear and everything is veiled by a cloud deception and deceit. And so where is the light in the midst of all this?  It seems to be hidden under a bushel basket or locked behind closed doors for fear of the authorities.

 Pray for the light to shine. Pray for wisdom and boldness.  Pray for selflessness.

2. A Drought –  There is a great drought in the Klang Valley.  The levels in the reservoirs are at critical low levels as there has been negligible rain for an extended period of time.  It is hot, dry and dusty.There is a drought of truth, justice and righteousness across the entire land.  Corruption and bribery have become the standards.  There seems to be no way other than the way of darkness and deception that is offered.

The heavens have been shut up and there is little to no rain to water the land. In the same way there is a great drought of the full counsel of God’s word.  Even as the rain is being withheld so the word of God has been withheld from so many in the church and those outside the church.  There are a masses of people who are thirsty for living water that will give them a hope and a future. It is the truth that will set people free.  It is the love of God seen through His followers that will draw others to Jesus. It is the forgiveness of others even as we have been forgiven that will show the way to Jesus saving grace. Freely we have been given, may we too freely give, by the grace of God.

  Pray for reconciliation among the people groups, the denominations, and one another.  Pray for a love to permeate the people of God to truly love others as they themselves would want to be loved.

3. Water Rationing – There was water rationing earlier in the year due to the drought. The powers to be at this time however say there is no need for rationing as of yet.  They are going to seed the clouds and hope for rain.

   There seems to be a rationing of not only the word of God as man decides what will be told,to who and who will do it, but there is also a rationing of the power and presence of God.  God has put this into man’s hands that he might manifest Himself  through his people, however man has decided he will ration it out as he sees fit.  If he does not believe in tongues or healing or God manifesting his presence through the gifts of the Holy Spirit then man does not allow it.  Or man decides to what degree God can manifest his presence and when and to who.  In such a way God is rationed out  according to man’s desires or understanding.  The problem is that the people are dying because they cannot  live on  the limited amount that is being metered out.

Pray for man to let God be God.  Pray for an increase of faith.  Pray that man would be secure in God.

Pray that – His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Dave Roberts