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In the past week the Lord has been giving me physical manifestations of prophetic things that he is doing, with the word, “look deeper, keep looking”. When Daniel saw the visions of the various creatures and wheels and other seemingly bazaar but natural things, the Lord told him to look deeper, to keep looking. So, with these natural experiences I have been looking deeper and I keep looking until I hear what God is saying, based on what I am seeing. This is the 3rd experience this week that I have had. One I have already shared about the computer, the second was a personal word for someone and this one I believe is for the body of Christ.

In my truck I have four gauges, 1) Temperature; 2) Fuel; 3) Oil; 4) Volts; honestly I have not paid much attention to these gauges, other than to make sure my car does not over heat and that my gas does not run out. So, I know a little bit about cars, but I am far from a mechanic. This morning, the Lord had me staring at these gauges, I was looking at them, wondering why they were catching my attention. What I noticed is that all of them were with arrows straight up. I had a half tank of gas, I was right in the middle on all the gauges, I do not know if this is normal, but I do know it was prophetic. So, with all the gauges point straight up, I said, Lord what are you trying to say? Here is what I heard.

The Lord said, “temperature gauge is the atmosphere; the fuel gauge is the anointing; the oil gauge is the authority; and the volts gauge is the action;” then the Lord said, “ALL SYSTEMS GO!” After I heard all systems go, the presence of God fell in my car, I was standing in glory, while sitting in the car. It was heavy, it was God. I knew in my spirit that everything is aligned and ready for God to make His move. There has been a lot said about what is coming, some say the greatest harvest we have ever known on earth and I say yes; some say a transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous and I say yes; others say judgment on America and persecution like we have never known and I say yes. I say yes, because whichever one it is or whichever combination of them that it is, I say yes, because I know it is God, for He told me, ALL SYSTEMS GO!