A seasoned prophet friend of mine that is a kingdom of God pioneer, posted a prophetic warning that has had me thinking for a week or more about what our very near future holds as nations of the world. One of the things he said is that an economic collapse is coming, it can be postponed, but it is coming. This confirms what Jonathan Kahn says in his book The Mystery of the Shemmiteh and is what our government is hinting at, but will not come out right and say. So, with multiple voices saying the same thing, I thought it necessary to take notice, pray and seek the Lord about this issue. Here is what I believe the Lord showed me.

Genesis 41 tells us two dreams that Pharoh, the king of Egypt at that time, had and the interpretation that Joseph gave to him, along with the solutions he suggested to Pharoh, so as to be prepared for what was coming. The Bible is very clear that we are to know the times and the seasons on which we live. So, in Joseph’s season they were about to experience a cattle and crops famine, so Joseph prepared storehouses that would house 20% of all the grain collected during the time of abundance, so they had bread during the time of famine.

As I asked the Lord about our coming collapse and how we should be preparing for it, He shared 2 key things with me. One, we as Christians are not to convert our cash into stuff. Stuff can’t buy airline tickets to go preach the gospel in another country, stuff can’t pay the school fees for someone called to attend a worship school, stuff can’t be generous on every occasion. Stuff actually makes us slaves, for we have to work for cash to pay for our stuff, so we can’t quit our job, if the Lord led us to do that, because we have stuff to pay for. Most people as soon as they get cash convert it into stuff that they don’t need.

The world’s system has programmed us to convert our cash into stuff, so we are always without cash, which is why we can be controlled so easily. Our government is the head of our nation and we have a major cash crisis on our hands, so now we are slaves to our stuff. But if Christ is our head, then we do not need to be converting our cash into stuff, because the way to alleviate a crisis is with contentment.

The second way to avoid the cash crisis is for the church to become a storehouse (Malachi 3:10) and to store up cash so when the famine comes there is food in in God’s house. This means the church needs to repent of converting cash into stuff too. Honestly we do not need more stuff, we need 2 Chronicles 7:14 (God’s people, who are called by God’s name to humble themselves, pray, seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways, the land would be healed.)

The world can convert their cash into stuff all they want, but we are the Light of the World, a city set on a hill, who is called to arise and shine, we can be a solution to the  to the cash conversion crisis, if we are not in the same crisis. Sell some stuff and start saving your cash, because an economic collapse is coming , but it does not have to effect you. What if this is how God is going to do the transfer of wealth He promised?