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Proverbs 4:7 says, “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.”

We live in a world where there is a lot going on. The news can barely keep up with everything that is happening, the church is struggling to speak into what they see and hear, and people are in a whirlwind of information. The good news is, God is not moved, He is not shaken, He is not nervous about everything the earth is experiencing. He is stable, He is secure, He is simple and He is aware of what is going on. So, if you want to know what is happening, take your seat in heavenly places (Ephesians 2), read your Bible, listen to the Lord speak, don’t tell your Bible what to say, let your Bible tell you what it says. You will hear His voice if you read until He speaks, and if you do this consistently, He will make you fully aware of what is going on. He is speaking constantly, and John 10 says, His sheep hear His voice.

What I see is we are in a time of transition, we are crossing over, for some the east wind is blowing and Moses type leaders are arising on the scene to lead people out of Egypt (debt, slavery and carnality). Israel and Christians who are living in Egypt are going to have their eyes open to the Moses type leaders in their midst. These leaders will lead those who are in Egypt out by a mighty move of God. You will see a dramatic deliverance take place for those Israelites and Christians that have been living in Egypt, under the rule of the taskmaster. Moses type leaders will lead the people out of Egypt, through the Red Sea and into the wilderness where they will experience supernatural provision. (I do not believe these people will be in the wilderness for 40 years, but they have to get Egypt out of them, so they can eventually live in the Promised Land). This deliverance will be done by the hand of God alone. Temples will be turned into tents as the church goes on the move. We will see our enemies no more. To learn more about this read Exodus 14 and beyond.

While the majority of the Israelites and Christians are going through this exodus across the Red Sea, there is a remnant of people who have already been through the wilderness with Moses. But Moses has died (Joshua 1) and these people have a new leader, his name is Yeshua (Jesus). These people have made it through the wilderness, have learned that Love Wins, see Jesus, and so do not need a Moses type leader to lead them. For you that have wondered why some people are leaving the church, it is not because they are anti-God, anti-authority, or anti-Church, but for them, they left Egypt, followed Moses into the desert, Moses died and they now see Jesus and He is the one they follow. This remnant of people are following Jesus and are crossing over the Jordan River into the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. They have not forgot what Moses type leaders have taught them, but they have a new leader. (See Isaiah 6 for another example of this). They are not lone rangers, they are a remnant and they meet, they talk and they are aligning themselves with the Spirit of God.

These mighty ones of valor are passing on before you, armed with the love of God (I John 4:4) and are going to possess the land (Matthew 6:10). Then they will return to the sunrise side of the Jordan where all the rest of the Israelites and the Church is, and bring them into the Promised Land. Once all of Egypt is out of the Israelites and the Church, they will have rest and the remnant will return so we can all live in the Promised Land together. (Joshua 1)

We are living in Bible days, if you have never read your Bible, or have not read it in a while, I suggest you read it, Old Testament, New Testament, it does not matter, Our Father is in it all, He is good, and He is in control of everything that is going on. No man is in charge of what we see, only God is, we must understand this is a time for modern warfare, our weapons are not carnal, (2 Cor. 10:5-7), we are called to stand and see the salvation of the Lord (Exodus 14:11-14 and Ephesians 6:10-18). We were born for such a time as this!