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For weeks, months and even years it has been prophesied, proclaimed and promised that it is about to rain. Promotions, positioning, and prosperity are beginning in people’s lives. It has accelerated, in the sense that it seems like it is beginning to happen to more and more people on a daily basis. The prophesied kingdom of God age has went from being in hiding to manifesting, from a prophesy to a reality. Testimonies are coming from everywhere, about God openly rewarding His people, manifesting His kingdom and pouring out His blessing. The year of the open window is sending down some really good and perfect gifts into people’s lives.

When we hear of testimonies of debt cancellation, ministry promotion, movement of people and the advancement of the kingdom, it is evidence that it has begun to rain. In my circle alone, in the past two weeks, I have been told of debt cancellation of two very close friends, one having a student loan cancelled of $70,000, another having a house and other debt cancelled of over $100,000. Then I got word that someone else I know was given a medical bill cancellation of over $100,000; while yet another person was blessed with being declared cancer free. I had the privilege of praying with some of these people for some of these very specific desires of their heart. So, I rejoice with them in their breakthrough.

What I didn’t see coming was the choice I was going to be given in hearing each of these testimonies after my initial rejoicing. What most don’t know, is I have been asking for debt cancellation of my house loan and student loan. So, when two close friends received those blessings, I rejoiced at first, but the opportunity to resent them reared its ugly head, unbeknownst to me. The invitation to question God why He blessed them and not me, presented itself to me. I had a choice to make.

In the season of breakthrough, debt cancellation, long awaited prayers being answered, for some their mourning has been turned to dancing, for others they are still waiting. I want to speak to us that are still waiting, we have an opportunity to rejoice with those who rejoice, just as we mourned with those who mourned. I believe, the smallest details are important to God, and He is allowing this breakthrough in others to show us how much we have learned about His goodness, even while we are still waiting.

We who are still waiting have a choice, we can resent those who got the breakthrough we are praying for or we can rejoice knowing that it has started to rain. Whichever we choose to do, there will be a reward for our decision, I choose to rejoice with them, even as I still wait, what are you going to choose to do?