John 15:15 “No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing…”

John 14:2 “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would not have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you.”

On Friday night, Pastor Kathy Gray of World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO spoke about the next visitation of God. She said, God is coming in this next move to examine our hearts! She went on to say, that He is looking to see who has faith. It was a powerful message and was confirmation of this word the Lord spoke to me late last week about being a servant of God or a spouse of God. As we look around the church we see a lot of people who are servants. They come to church, they pay their tithes or at least give something in the offering plate, they sing the songs, and they listen to the sermon. Some serve as an usher, bookstore clerk or even in the children’s ministry, all of which are noble tasks. In church people look like Christians, but the Lord spoke to me and said I have a lot of servants, but very few spouses.

Servants according to Jesus are those who do not know what the Master is doing. As we listen to what people talk about and see how they live their lives when not in church, we realize most people who call themselves Christians are servants, but most are clueless as to what the Master is doing. In the movie Dirty Dancing there was a group of people who were servants in a high society type country club for their job. When they were in the country club environment or working in their job as a servant, they were very proper, respectful and were able to mingle among those of the club. But the moment work was over, they were doing their own thing. Dancing in ways that were not appropriate for the time, using language they would never use in the club and doing a variety of other activities. The Lord spoke to me and said this is what most of my children are doing. They are servants in my house and look like they know what is going on, but after they are done serving, they do their own thing.

Servants don’t know what the master is doing, so when they are done serving, they do whatever they want. But, not all people in church or who call themselves Christians are unaware of what the Master is doing. There is a group of people on the face of the earth right now, who are a spouse of God or as is more common to say, the bride of Christ. A spouse is someone who is the same whether they are together or apart. Whether they are in church or outside of church. A spouse has access to all the family finances, they work the family business, they know the heart and mind of their spouse. Before some decision is made, they hear about it, or are invited to be in the discussion about it. A spouse is a lover, they do things from their heart, they are all in.

A spouse is a servant, but a servant is not a spouse. Intimacy is of highest value for the spouse, communication is key in this marriage, honor is always in season for those who are married. The church as we see it today, is filled with servants of God, they come to church, do their duty and when done they do their own thing. However, the spouse of God is on the earth today and will become more and more visible as the days go on. The bride serves her husband out of love for him, she does not put on something to do, she is the embodiment of this kingdom and is a lover of her king. The King is coming in a fresh visitation and He is looking at our hearts, to see who is a servant and who is a spouse. So, who are you, a servant or a spouse?