I was leaving a parking lot yesterday around the 75th and Wornall area, after having lunch with a friend that is like family to me. As I drove out of the parking lot onto the main street to head home, I heard a loud noise like someone shot at my truck. My body reacted in fear, but my spirit said, you are bullet proof, so I drove home, without checking to see what it was or what happened. Upon arrival at home, I realized by the marks on my truck that someone tried to throw a stone at my window to smash it.

As I pondered this experience I realized there are people at war with me, but I am not at war with anyone. I did not solicit this event, it was done to me, because some people have war in their hearts and so they have to fight someone or something.

When I lived in Malaysia, I entered there as a warrior, with a lot of fight inside of me, but little did I know it was really anger. After 9 years in that country, I had given up all my will to be at war with anyone, I thought I was weak, but the Lord showed me that I was angry then and now I am truly strong.

Jesus was not at war with anyone, but many were at war with Him. If we are not careful, we can make Jesus into our image, rather than us being transformed into His. I truly believed I was a warrior that was forcefully advancing the kingdom, but the Lord showed me in that 9 year wilderness that it was anger and it had to go if I wanted to succeed in the kingdom of God. Jesus was not angry or at war with anyone, and even though it feels funny at times, I know I am not angry anymore and I am not at war with anyone. Even though others are at war with me.