I Corinthians 3:9 “For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.”

Deception is hardest to discern in yourself, because Jeremiah says, the heart is deceitful and desperately corrupt, who can understand it. The heart casts a shadow on itself, so we cannot see parts of our heart without the illumination of God’s word in God’s timing. So, we can live with a deception that goes undetected for years, because of the deceitfulness of our hearts. But, Jesus, who is self-proclaimed as the light of the world, is able to shine the light of His truth into any darkness and bring light.

One of the deceptions that every human being is dealing with is that of trust. I believe the first thing the enemy steals from us is our ability to trust. We are born trusting, we trust we will be fed, we trust we will be loved, we trust we will be provided for, but somewhere in our childhood, the enemy steals our ability to trust. This is a strategic move on his part, because if we cannot trust, we will begin to control and not realize it. Control is a subtle deception because it can be cloaked in responsibility, order, organization, hard work, long hours and various forms of what we call leadership. We can find verses to justify our control and yet believe we are being led by the spirit. But if you strip it away, it is control and it is rooted in a lack of trust.

Control suffocates the spirit, wearies the soul and exhausts the body for it believes that if I don’t do it, it will not get done. The thought of being out of control for most people is scary. We have seen people that are out of control and they make a fool of themselves in some way or another. Yet, the spirit of God is calling us to let go of control. The burden of control is way too heavy for us, He is inviting us to lay down our need to control, so we can live. Many work long and hard just to come home exhausted, because they are in control. Others use their words and moods to control other people and that is exhausting as well. Control, no matter how it manifests is exhausting.

As the Lord is doing a deep work in our hearts, He is revealing foundational issues that have gone undetected for years, even decades in our lives. This foundation inspection that He is doing is critical, for to build on a faulty foundation will produce a crooked building, even if it takes years to notice there was an issue in the foundation. So, as a master builder, He is inspecting foundations, so He can build on that which will last.

We are called to be co-workers with Christ, but to do that we have to let go of control. We have to realize, not in our head, but in our central command belief system, that He is for us, that He has our best interest in mind, that He is building something we are going to enjoy. If we don’t believe that we are co-working with someone that wants us to succeed, wants us to be the best we can, we will go it alone and that is control. We are carrying burdens way too heavy for us and He is inviting us to trust Him. He has called us to be co-workers not ones who are in control. Let Go, He’s got this!