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Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, are all positions that people are applying for or self-proclaiming as though this is what God is in need of. The amount of people jockeying to be in the 5-fold ministry in the church is a highly crowded field. Many that are in these roles are not even called to them, but because they sound prestigious, people want them. With so many people in these roles, I have asked the Lord why the church is not more effective; why the kingdom has not advanced to the degree that we have people in these positions. The answer I got was surprising, but not surprising.

One of the challenges of Christians is that they said a prayer but they did not change kingdoms. Because of this, many people have brought the world’s system into the church and have tried to impose it on the kingdom of God, but God Himself will not allow another system to overrule His system in the kingdom. So, we have used the name kingdom of God to describe church and they are not the same thing. When you come into the kingdom of God, there is a whole new system in which you must submit to or you will not stay in the kingdom. First of all the kingdom has a king and His name is Jesus the Son, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. He does not run a democracy; His laws do not change with culture; and He does not lower the standard so you can meet it.

With this being said, in the kingdom of God there is no jockeying for positions, titles or any power struggles. People who have truly come into the kingdom, they are all servants. They serve the king and the others in the kingdom with their gifts, callings and experiences. People recognize authority in the kingdom and submit to it, it is not forced upon you by a title. Therefore, because this is life in the kingdom, and most people are used to the church which is riddled with the world’s system, they struggle to live in the kingdom. While the church is over inundated with people vying for a 5-fold ministry position, the kingdom is looking for spiritual eunuchs.

A spiritual eunuch is someone who has chosen to live a life of celibacy, a spiritual virgin if you will. Someone who is not interested in having any other gods, engaging in any other activity that would compromise the purity of their relationship with the king. Eunuchs are servants, who because of their function with the king and his bride have chosen a life of chastity in word and deed. Eunuchs are reliable servants of a royal court who have physical access to the king and they yield great influence. They are highly trusted servants, humble servants that have the king’s ear. Eunuchs are seen as more trustworthy and less interested in establishing a private dynasty. (Wikipedia.com) Eunuchs are the one’s the king trusts to help beautify his bride.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says, “For the eyes of the Lord search back and forth across the whole earth, looking for people whose hearts are perfect toward Him, so that He can show His great power in helping them”.

God is hiring spiritual eunuchs, people who have set their life apart for His use only, they are not tempted by the world’s system, they are in love with the king and His kingdom. People who He can trust to help beautify His bride for the day that they meet face to face. “Let us be glad and rejoice and honor Him; for the time has come for the wedding banquet of the Lamb, and His bride has prepared herself” (Revelation 19:7). Those who have been hidden and have wondered what is this is all about, is it possible God has set you and I apart to be spiritual eunuchs that He is going to use to prepare the bride of Christ to meet her bridegroom? Personally, I love the idea that I have been set apart to be a spiritual eunuch, it is an honor to not only help beautify the bride, but to be apart of the bride as well and to be one that has the kings ear. So, the call goes out, spiritual eunuchs wanted!

For the eunuchs job description, read the book of Esther.