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The other day, I heard the phrase, apostles are among us, in my spirit. As I have meditated on it the past couple of days and prayed into it, the Lord began to reveal to me what it means and it brought such freedom to me, that I wanted to share it with you, hoping it will bring some understanding to those that may be wondering what is happening in us, through us and around us. Apostles are sent ones, it is a function, not a title, they are not special in the sense that they have more value than any other person in the body of Christ, they just have a different function. That is why Paul said in I Corinthians, not all are apostles. Remember the context of this statement was about being a body and each having a different function. So, when I say apostles are among us, it is not about hierarchy or pecking order, but rather a function.

Living in a world where the enemy is making it clear through the news that he has agents of destruction planted in the soil of our cities, countries, and churches, the Lord also has people planted among us and they are called apostles. Apostles activate the people of God to do the work of God in order to advance the kingdom of God. The apostolic gift is an activation gift for the body of Christ. Jesus is called the apostle of our faith, He is the one that activates our faith into action through His word. Paul was an apostle to the Gentiles, he activated the truth that Gentiles could experience the same salvation that Jews did. The apostolic function is for activation. There are apostles among us.

A group of people were called to be apostles, but they did not know when they accepted the call to the wilderness training, on the back side of the desert, in obscurity, this is what they were being called to be. They entered this training out of obedience to the voice of God, not sure where they were going, but knowing they heard the voice of Him who called them out of darkness into His light, so they followed. The training has been hard, it has been lonely, it has brought disappointment, discouragement and a desire to quit, but the call to obey was stronger than all of these other things, so they stayed the course. When everyone else was sleeping, they were awake; when others were playing, they were in training; they have been underground this whole time, and yet living among us. Many have never heard there name, most have no idea what they are being called to do, very few have seen them in their assignment, because they have been in training.

Their weapons are worship and prayer, their leaves are their words and they will bring healing to the nations, they bear the fruit of the spirit in every season, they are apostolic ambassadors who take their commands from the Lord of Heaven and Earth. These men and women are among us, they have been rewired and refired for such a time as this. They have been called, consecrated and commissioned for the hour that is coming upon us. They know the voice of God, they know the word of God, they know how to be led by the spirit of God, they are not trying to make their own way prosperous, they are not looking for man to lift them up, they are an army of apostolic ambassadors and they are among us. Their source is God alone, they are servants, they seek first the kingdom of God and they have a helmet of salvation, a breastplace of righteousness, a belt that is truth, shoes that are the gospel, a shield that is faith, and a sword that is the word of God. They are fearless.

The Lord has been teaching them in the apostolic training school on the back side of the desert, they are planted in the soil of every sector of society, they are diverse, yet one. They are dressed and ready for battle, ready to reap the harvest, ready to disciple nations, not for their glory, but for His glory. When the Lord calls for their arising you will know who they are, for they will activate the body of Christ as one unit to advance the kingdom of God. They are lovers of God and lovers of people, but they do not compromise the truth. You will know them when they arise, they are still in training, they are still waiting for the commander’s voice to activate them on assignment, for they are the apostles among us and they are an army that has been trained for the battle that is at hand. The Lord has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes. The apostles are among us!