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Everything about God is relational. – Bob Hazlett

One of the greatest things about being in a relationship with God is that He makes you smarter than your IQ and wiser than your years. I find the more time I spend with Him, the more He teaches me about spiritual truths, using natural things that I know nothing about. But, He does know that I live in a day and age, where if I am a learner, I can learn about anything He speaks, thank God for Google. So, while in prayer I had one of those moments where God began speaking to me about something I knew nothing about, or so I thought I knew nothing about it. For as I studied it out, I discovered it was something I knew, but did not have such creative language for. Only God can affirm who we are while calling us into who we are not yet.

While praying for people and places, the Lord dropped the words transistors and resistors into my spirit. I kept praying, but could not shake these two words that the Lord had dropped in my spirit. What I discovered is that transistors are amplifiers, they amplify a signal, they amplify power, and they amplify sound. Resistors are reducers, they limit flow, they lower voltage, and they lessen power. In the electrical world transistors and resistors work together to release an appropriate balance of power to flow through a socket or terminal. But, in the spirit, these are opposing forces that cause confusion in a place where people gather to experience God.

The Lord has spoken to me consistently that the hold up for revival, the presence of God, power, whatever we desire spiritually is not Him, but us. If we don’t make room for Him, He is not going to force Himself upon us. He already poured out His spirit upon us on Pentecost, now He wants His spirit to come out of us, but we have too many cross currents happening in ourselves and in our gathering places. When we want to be a transistor one minute, but then are a resistor the next, we balance the power and stay the same. Or if there are both transistors and resistors in the same room, we balance the power and nothing changes.

In Acts 2, the Spirit of God came in like a rushing wind on a group of people who were one transistor, the Bible says, they were in one accord, in one place. They were all transistors, all wanting to amplify the presence of God, all wanting to admit a signal to earth about the power of God, there were no resistors in the upper room. So, when the spirit fell upon them like tongues of fire, they amplified the word of God on the street in everyone’s language, and the power of God was seen in healings. Transistors gathered together in one place, lifting up one voice, amplifying one message, and 3,000 people were saved that day.

Transistors amplify the signal they are receiving, while resistors limit that which they are seeing or hearing. When believers that are created to be transistors of the presence of God, become resistors of it, we see the manifestation of religion. Some started as transistors, but have become resistors due to bad theology, poor leadership and sheer laziness. Others were resistors, but have become transistors and as they amplify the power of God, the resistors rise up and balance out the current, so there is limited or low power flowing in the room. When we resist, what we are to transist, we get what we see in the majority of churches today.

We were created to be transistors, we are built for power to flow through us, but we must stop resisting that which we don’t understand and then we will see the spirit breakout, for Christ in us is the hope of glory. So, the question each of us needs to ask ourselves is, am I a transistor or resistor of the presence of God, the word of God and the power of God or am I a resistor and that is why where I am there is limited power?