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Much has been spoke about on the power of momentum, the power of speech, the law of attraction and so many other success principles, but very little is spoken about as it pertains to the power of proximity. In a culture that is more digitally connected than ever before and yet more disconnected relationally than in times past, one has to wonder, what is the problem? My theory is, most people are really busy doing nothing. We spend time, energy and money on things that have no eternal value and we neglect that which has eternal value to us, because technology has made us look connected while being very disconnected. We have sought our significance in something rather than someone, so we spend hours and hours doing nothing of significance, yet wonder why we struggle with significance.

Proximity is defined as nearness in space, time, or relationship. Proximity is the invisible success factor that becomes visible in our lives as we exercise it consistently. The first issue people have as it pertains to proximity is their nearness in time or relationship with an invisible God. We go to church, we pray and sometimes we read our bible, but nothing changes because we have not seen the value the power of proximity brings to our relationship with the Lord. Jesus said in Matthew 15:8, ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me…” This is a great example of a proximity problem in our relationship with God. The truth is, if we drew near to God, He would draw near to us; if we would seek Him with all our hearts, we would find Him; and we would begin to harness the power of proximity which would manifest in our understanding of identity as sons and daughters of God.

Another undervalued relationship for most people is that of their spouse. The divorce rate is out of control, because people in marriage are not valuing the eternal person and covenant they have in their life. We may live in proximity to this person so the nearness in space and some would argue time issue is there, but the nearness in relationship is lacking, so we are not seeing the power of proximity manifested in our marriages. When we value marriage as an eternal covenant, which will yield rewards that have yet to be seen on earth and in generations to come, what is invisible will become visible to the other members of this covenant, mainly the children. The power of proximity will yield generational blessings if we only could recognize the eternal nature of our spouse; the eternal nature of us as a couple, for we have the power to create something the world has never seen before, just look at your children; and the eternal nature of God who uses marriage as an analogy of Christ and the Church.

The power of proximity is limitless, for the kingdom is all about relationships. In the age that just ended in the spirit, rules, righteousness and a variety of other issues were paramount indicators of spirituality, but Jesus when He came to earth and ushered in the first transition from Law to Grace said, repent for the kingdom of heaven is here. That meant, think differently, not modify or eradicate some behavior. Jesus was telling the people to think differently about people, about relationships. Look at the people Jesus touched (lepers); let touch Him (prostitutes); or that He made a part of His band of brothers (betrayer, tax collector and doubters). The power of proximity is about to go from invisible to visible as many have harnessed its power in secret and are about to share their success stories with the world. It’s never too late to recognize the power of proximity.