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The Hebrew Year 5776 is called Ayin Av or the year of the tent peg. Isaiah 54 and Judges 4-5 are the chapters that best explain the year we are in as the body of Christ. It is a year of the supernatural. (For more information on this, look up John Benefiel at cotr.tv and his series on The Hebrew Year 5776).

On Christmas Eve (December 24, 2015), my truck broke down on the side of the road, at first I thought I ran out of gas, so was laughing, singing, celebrating that after 32 years of driving, I ran out of gas for the first time in my life, it was a funny thought to me. While waiting for someone to bring me a gas can and help me go on my way, I was pacing the side of this busy street, singing and praying in tongues, celebrating the Lord despite the circumstances. While singing, praying and pacing, I looked down and there was a grey bag of tent pegs. I knew we were in the year of the tent peg, so I picked up this treasure and put it in my truck until I could get home. After some angelic helpers, a tow truck and an $800 fuel pump repair, it was not that I ran out of gas after all, so my record still stands for this not happening to me.

Once home, I laid my tattered grey bag on the bed and took out the tent pegs, that I knew immediately were a prophetic sign of the year we are in. In this bag, there were 11 tent pegs, as I prayed into the number of tent pegs and the significance of them, the Lord spoke to me and said, 11 tent pegs means the word of God is our plumb line. I was shouting, but as the days have gone by, I have had other revelations about these tent pegs and while on the phone, standing outside, telling someone about the tent pegs, I look down and there were 2 more tent pegs. I am dancing, shouting, celebrating, knowing the Lord is giving me a supernatural prophetic symbol of the year we are in, but what is He saying, is it just for me or for the body of Christ? As I have prayed, inquired and sought the Lord about these 13 tent pegs, this is what He has shown me.

The Hebrew year 5776, the year of the tent peg, it is a leap year, this means that there will be one extra month added to the Hebrew calendar, so there are actually 13 months in this Hebrew year 5776. So, the 13 tent pegs are a confirmation that they are for the year 5776, the Ayin Av year, the year of the tent peg. As I studied Isaiah 54 and Judges 4-5 along with their significance for this year, this is what I believe the Lord is saying about this year…This will be a year to sing, because many things are about to happen!

Isaiah 54 happenings this year:   1. Those who have been angry with you for years will forgive you. (v.7-8)

  1. There is no need to fear for you will not experience humiliation from them again. (v.4)
  2. Shame and sorrow are over. (v.4) The winter has past. (Song of Solomon 2:11-14)
  3. Those who have been in the wilderness and have felt fruitless are going to produce like never before. (v.1)

Because all these things are going to happen, this is what you need to do: 1. Align with the Av (tent peg/plumb line/word of God) (Amos 7:7-8)

  1. Open wide your heart (make room for people, withhold nothing, speak boldly) (v.2) (2 Corinthians 6:11-13)
  2. Strengthen Your Identity (grow firm, become powerful, establish firmly, be fierce) (v.3)

It is time to sing, it is time to shout, it is time to raise a joyful song, for we are about to see an increase of the kingdom of God advancing on the earth. The glory of God is coming in a tsunami of glory and no man or woman will be able to take credit for it. The I Am God is going to do it, He has set the appointed time for this glory to come and we are alive to see it. Be ready to become so supernaturally natural that you are naturally supernatural, for it is the year of the tent peg. Deborah’s and Jael’s are going to arise and bring victory for the body of Christ, by driving the word of God into the mindsets that have hindered the people of God. Leaders are going to become ones that train, equip and deploy, not limit, organize or bring order to the glory of God. The plumb line has been dropped, the Lord has already decided this time before it existed, 5776, 2016, the year of the tent peg