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People are the most powerful people on the face of the earth. When we recognize we all carry power, we will realize that there are people, systems, institutions and organizations that will seek to stop you from being powerful. The only people that don’t want you powerful are people who want all the power for themselves. Most places are one big game of king of the hill. As kids we used to play king of the hill and the goal was to get to the top of the hill and reign as king. From that position on top of the hill you could throw people down the hill, so you could remain as the king. But it usually wasn’t a very long reign because all of our friends were coming for the one at the top of the hill, seeking to be the next king. As a kid, this was a fun game, as an adult this is problematic, because some people will do anything to maintain their status as king of the hill in business, politics, education, religion or even the home.
Jesus said to His disciples in Mark 10:42-43, “…You know that those who are recognized as rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them; and their great men exercise authority over them. But it is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant.” The disciples were concerned that James and John, who just prior to this statement by Jesus asked if they could sit at His right and left hand in glory, those two boys wanted to be the kings of the hill, but Jesus responded by saying, we don’t play king of the hill in My kingdom. As the world is jockeying for position, seeking to maintain hierarchy, control and dominance, the kingdom of God is operating with an underground movement of servants who are laying down their lives for one another, not trying to be the king of the hill, for we know there is only one King and His name is Jesus.
So, how do we harness the power of people? No matter your age or your gender, everyone is powerful. Few know how to harness their power, so they cause more problems than solutions, but people are powerful nonetheless. We come out of the womb with the power of our voice, we progress in our power by crawling, walking and talking. As people we are constantly testing the boundaries of our power, unless someone or some system has taught us we are powerless and we believed it. Words are powerful and they can empower you or silence you and cause you to believe you are powerless. So, be careful who you listen to, because they are either empowering you or seeking to silence you.
From babies to teenagers, from men to women, from college age to middle age, from youth to the wise, we are all powerful and I want to show you how to harness your power and how to help others harness their power.
1. Powerful people live within boundaries.
a. Rivers without banks become floods that destroy things, but rivers with banks give power to cities. Every major city in the world is built on a river. You are that river, you are powerful, but you must live within boundaries.
2. Powerful people can control their tongue.
a. Our words are powerful and we can use them to bless or curse others. Being able to control what you say and use your tongue to bless is a sign of being powerful.
3. Powerful people correct others up, they don’t put them down.
a. Everyone needs correction, this is how we grow, but being able to correct someone up and not shame them, condemn them or put them down is an indicator of someone that is powerful.
4. Powerful people are gold diggers.
a. Anyone can be critical, but powerful people find the gold in others and bring it to the surface so the person can see themselves as the treasure they are.
5. Powerful people are teachable.
a. Living with a constant understanding that what you know is limited at best is the sign of being powerful. Always being willing to listen and learn is how you remain powerful.
6. Powerful people are lovers.
a. The greatest invisible power is love, I Corinthians 13 tells us what love is, and if you want to be powerful, you must be a lover. Love will take you places money never could.
7. Powerful people are givers.
a. When you know who you are, you do not fear lack, for you know that you are an unending source of tangible and intangible gifts. Generosity is a telltale sign that you are powerful.
If we can begin to treat each other as powerful and help each other harness our power for the benefit of others, we will see ourselves gain favor with God and man. Our kids are powerful and if parents can learn how to harness their power, I believe we will see a decrease in teenage rebellion, for all they are trying to do is express their power. When husbands and wives see each other as powerful, we can begin to see that we are stronger together than we are apart, but we both must be allowed to be powerful. Finally, if the church can catch the vision of this, we will train, equip and deploy people to do the work of ministry, rather than just want them to come to church, so we feel powerful. This is how we harness the power of people!