Christians have been in a classroom controversy ever since many of them got saved. It is a controversy they have not been able to identify, but they know they are in it. Words escape many Christians as they seek to explain the challenges they are facing, so they blame one thing or another. However, the reality is, everyone who calls themselves a Christian has been, is or will be in a classroom controversy. The controversy is this, why is what I am reading in the word of God, hearing from the pulpits of churches and seeing in my personal life, not matching the promises given from a good Father? Why does it seem like my prayers are going unanswered, my dreams are just that a dream, and my situation is seemingly not changing? Frustration, confusion, disappointment and regret are realities of most Christians lives and though there is a lot of theory being spoken, no real truth seems to resonate. This is the classroom controversy.

In Mark 4:35-41, the disciples are in a boat with Jesus, when the waves literally are flooding the boat, fear is gripping the disciples and Jesus is sleeping in the stern. Many of us can say this sounds like our reality, our experience, our challenge, we know in theory Jesus is there, but He seems to be sound asleep, while we are seemingly drowning. Just like us, the disciples experienced the classroom controversy. In John 2, Jesus, His mother and His disciples were at a wedding, the master of the banquet got word to Jesus’ mother that they had more time than they did wine, yet another classroom controversy. Jesus is at the wedding, the disciples are there, but the wine is gone and the master does not know what to do.

All over our world today, in politics, churches, families, schools, communities and corporations we are seeing and hearing about classroom controversies. People who are Christians, but are struggling financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually. Many people are talking about the problems, many are taking note that Jesus is in the boat, but it feels like He is asleep. We pray, we decree, we quote scripture, but the classroom controversy does not seem to change. So, we seek and do not find, we pray and get no answers, we prophesy but it doesn’t come to pass, so we complain, cry, call a friend, or seek counsel, but nothing changes. This is why so many people quit, because they don’t recognize the reason for the classroom controversy.

Wisdom is the ability to see behind the situation, to recognize the lesson in the midst of the speech, to see the invisible in the midst of the inevitable. Many Christians are struggling because they lack wisdom and James 1 says, if we lack wisdom we can ask God and He will give it without finding fault. The wisdom of God is beyond human comprehension and yet it is seen in every aspect of life. Wisdom is hidden in plain sight, that is why so many people miss it.

What we are going through as Christians is a dislike of the classroom that the Master Teacher has chosen to make us wise, mature, complete, lacking nothing. The classroom of marriage, money problems, promotion or lack thereof, hiddenness, rebellious children, family problems, health issues, you name the problem and I will show you your classroom. Jesus used a boat in a storm to be the classroom for the disciples, He used the woman caught in adultery as a classroom, He uses our everyday lives and challenges as a classroom.

The reason we are having a classroom controversy is because we do not recognize the Master Teacher who is training us, equipping us and will eventually deploy us. Reputations follow teachers not the classrooms they choose and Jesus, our Master Teacher has the best reputation in the world. The apostle Paul’s classroom is spoken about in 2 Corinthians, Moses’s classroom is seen in the desert, David’s classroom was in a field tending sheep, Joseph’s classroom was a pit, a palace, a prison and a promotion. If we get tripped up by the classroom, we will miss the Master Teacher and the lessons we supposed to be learning. My prayer is that you will not be confused by the classroom controversy.