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Throughout the Bible, God has always had a remnant of people, who would not bow a knee to Baal, would not be subject to the spirit of Ahab or Jezebel and would not retreat from the call, no matter how difficult the road. Men and women like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, Esther, Deborah, Elijah, Elisha, Moses, David, Sarah, Mary, Peter, James, John, Paul, Cornelius, Barnabas, Aquilla and Priscilla just to name a few. All who were apart of the remnant throughout history that paved the way for us today. Just as is common to God, there is a remnant on the earth today who are walking by faith, not compromising their convictions, who are contending for the promise and who are waiting for the call, the command.

The remnant has been on a journey with God which brought them through the wilderness, over the Jordan and even though logically they should be in the promised land, they know we made another stop that did not seem to be on the map, we were following. Many in the remnant have felt the shift in the spirit, the anticipation is building, the baby feels like it could be born any day now. But, God has brought us to one more stop, I believe a very significant stop, because our journey was not just an old testament wilderness experience, our cross over was not into Canaan as the Israelites was, but it was a crossover into the New Testament. We have left the wilderness, many of us can feel that, but we know we are not “there” yet. So, where exactly are we?

I believe we are in the upper room. I believe the remnant is assembled in the upper room and they are praying like never before, waiting for the fire to fall, for they know that without the fire there is not power evangelism. Many have said and are saying, send the fire, fire always precedes harvest, for the farmer knows they have to burn off the old harvest residue, so the soil is ready to receive the new harvest that is coming. The disciples were sent to the upper room after Jesus rose from the dead, to wait for the fire to fall. They did not know it was going to be like it was described in Acts 2, with wind, tongues of fire and speaking in other languages, but they knew they had to wait for what the Father had promised them.

We, who have been through the wilderness, crossed the Jordan have entered the upper room. That is where we are right now, some will get antsy and leave, remember there were 500 in the upper room to start but only 120 on the day the fire fell. We have come too far to leave now. I know you thought this was the crossover into the promised land, so did I, but keep waiting, we are in the upper room, the fire will fall, and we need the fire, the baptism of fire to do the work of the ministry. The prodigals are coming home, the harvest is going to be massive, we are going to need each other’s boats for the catch is going to be so large, but we must wait for the fire to fall.

I believe it is the final leg of this what seemed like a very long preparation period, but I also believe we will be thankful for the training when we start doing the works prepared in advance for us to do. It is closer than ever before, stay in the upper room, keep praying, keep contending, don’t quit now, we are in the words of Kris Vallaton, “150 feet from the mother load”. I believe we are nearing Pentecost!