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Can you imagine being in need of nothing? Many people want to be self-sufficient, they want to need no one. People love the idea of a self-made man. However, the truth is, if you are human, you were created with a need, a deficit, a lack of something. No matter how hard we try to act like we need nothing, the reality is we are a needy people. I believe we are more aware of our need than we care to admit, for to admit need is to be vulnerable and people avoid vulnerability at all costs. I believe we are so aware of our need, that we have come to believe, preach and teach that God has a need too.

It has been taught that God needs our worship, our love, our time, our obedience. But the truth is, God, Yahweh, Jesus, Yeshua, is in need of nothing. The LORD is an all sufficient God. He has no need, no lack, no deficit. He does not need our worship, our money, our time, our obedience, He needs nothing from us. He is all sufficient, complete, lacking nothing. He is light in Him there is no darkness at all. He is love, He is truth, He is power, He is God. He is in need of nothing. Once we realize God is all sufficient, all powerful, all knowing, and in need of nothing, we will realize that we need Him, He doesn’t need us.

We as people are the ones with a need. Psalm 121 says, lift up your eyes to the hills from where does your help come from? Deuteronomy 8 says, obey the Lord your God so that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you. When I realized this just this week, it revolutionized the way I think. God doesn’t need my obedience, if I disobey it does not change Him at all, but it sure does affect me. My obedience to Him is critical for my prosperity. If I obey the Lord, I am blessed, I manifest my love for Him, I am rewarded. If I disobey Him, I am the one that suffers the consequences, I am the one that struggles, I am the one that loses out. God does not gain or lose anything from my obedience, but I do.

God is all sufficient, He does not need my worship, He has myriads of angels attending to Him, He has elders bowing down to Him (Revelation 4), I need to worship Him, He doesn’t need my worship. I need to worship Him for my spiritual health, for my growth as a person, for my soul to prosper. God does not change, is not moved, does not diminish in any way if I do not worship, but it sure does affect me if I do not worship.

When the Lord revealed to me that He is in need of nothing, I realized that everything I do is for my sake, not for His sake. It is advantageous for me to worship, to obey, to love and to serve God, but if I don’t He does not suffer in any way. Every spirit knows the Jesus is Lord, whether I acknowledge that or not is cause for my blessing or battle. God is God, He has been and always will be God, He is not going to cease being God based on what I do or don’t do. He invites me to worship Him for my sake, He invites me to obey Him for my sake, every invitation from God is for my sake, my blessing, my good. He is a very generous Father and a good God, but He is in need of nothing. Which exposes yet again, my need for Him!