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It is no secret that the church in America is having minimal impact on our nation, the enemy has pushed us aside and propelled his agenda on many fronts in this nation. The same happened in Israel’s history when Goliath and the Philistine army was in a verbal showdown with the people of God. Israel’s history is to be lessons we learn from and I see a lesson coming that some are not going to like at first, but many others will be so grateful for. There is a roster rotation coming and the older brothers that have been ineffective are going to be replaced by younger brothers that will advance the kingdom of God on the earth.

Psalm 115:16 says, “The heavens are the heavens of the LORD, But the earth He has given to the sons of men.”

The Lord is in charge of the heavens, we are in charge of the earth and if there is no advancement on the earth, God will rotate the roster for the advancing of His kingdom. But the challenge is, this roster rotation is going to move out the older brother and put in the younger brother. Now this is not an age issue, this is an order issue. The older brothers have been leading for years now, but the ineffectiveness is obvious, so it is time for a roster rotation. But, the older brother is not going to be happy about this, and we see this pattern throughout scripture.

  1. The prodigal sons brother was not happy when the younger brother looked favored (Luke 15)
  2. Esau was not pleased when Jacob got the blessing of the firstborn (Genesis 27)
  3. Cain was so angry he killed Abel when his offering was accepted. (Genesis 4)
  4. Simeon and Levi were furious about Joseph’s dreams, so sold him as a slave. (Genesis 37)
  5. Eliab and Abinidab, David’s brothers questioned why he came to the battle line. (I Samuel 17)

No one who is in a position likes to be removed from that position, but the thing with God is, we all get to play. When David took the lead and defeated Goliath, the whole Israel army went in pursuit to defeat the enemy; when the prodigal son returned, the party was for the whole family, not just the prodigal son; when Joseph was put in power at the palace, all his brothers got to take part in the land of Goshen. So, God does not rotate the roster to demote someone, He does it to reposition the army for maximum effectiveness.

There is a roster rotation coming, some are going to be mad initially, but when the army starts to win, we all win. The war we are in and the wars that are coming will demand the whole army being in the right position. We are in a time in history where we need to be living by design for maximum effectiveness as a body. I Corinthians 12 says, we all are apart of the body, we all have a role to play, one is not more significant than the other, but some are playing mouths when they are supposed to be hands, so we need a roster rotation.

The church is about to go through a restructuring, this is not a negative thing, this is a positive change that is coming, but the transition is going to be turbulent for very few people like change, it exposes our insecurities and when that happens people say and do things out of fear. So, extend grace to those that are being shuffled. Some are prepared to be put in position, others are not going to see it coming, but this roster rotation is God’s idea, not man’s so it will work together for everyone’s good.