The GENERALS are breaking forth
Posted on 15 April 2016 by Esther Hadassah
“I AM bringing out the new GENERALS – My strong, anointed, bold and courageous ones – the men and women whom I have been preparing in secret are coming out of their camps. They have trained under pressure but kept calm. I have anointed them Myself and now I AM bringing them out of the camp.
“For many months,I have been speaking about what I AM doing-about the new. I have been watching over my word to perform it.
I have been working on my servants – purifying and purging many in the hearts, pulling out all that they had accumulated from the past.
I have made them pass through purifying fires and many have withstood the heat. Many have come out refined and with brand new hearts. The fire is still burning within them-and its causing them to burst in an explosive power.
Yes, they will carry a stronger power than many have carried before. The power will radiate through them especially through their mouths.”
I have chosen these ones to carry the WORD that will change the WORLD. A powerful word that cuts through the hearts of men and penetrates into the bone. Word that will make men’s hearts melt and knees will crumble. A word that breaks stubborn men and makes them reach out to Me.
Many of them will reveal mysteries to men, they will interpret signs and times and they will operate in signs and wonders. They will be full of knowledge and wisdom and their faces will shine as light before men. They will bring out many from the prisons and the sick out of hospitals. They have no fear; no fear of what other men think. Their BOLDNESS will shake and disturb many.
Watch out for faces that look like LIONS.
These are My new generals-tough soldiers willing to take persecution and to serve in pain just for men to be saved. They are willing to give up what they have for another, they are willing to head the battle and to be the first to go against the enemies. They are willing to sacrifice their best for the best to come out of others. They will not give orders to other men to do the hard bit,they will do it.
They are prayer warriors. They are demon offenders.
They know how to connect to Me and how to apply the winning skills.
They do not fear DEATH.
My children will not perish, they will not suffer, they will not remain in prison and deception. They will come out because of the power I have placed in these ones.
The enemy will not touch them as I have put a wall of fire around each of them. I AM their defense and will protect them as they go against the powers of darkness. NOBODY WILL TOUCH THEM.”
“My Generals are ready,” says The LORD. 
~ Esther Hadassah

Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

His Kingdom Prophecy