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In a culture that is moved daily by the political atmosphere in which we live, many opinions, thoughts, ideas and prophesies are coming forth as to what God is doing in this season. Many are watching the news, then Christianizing their thoughts, others are echoing the media and still others are being influenced by the culture whether they realize it or not. You cannot live on earth and breath its air without being affected by the culture. So, if you find yourself involved in or frustrated by political conversations that you never engaged in before now, it is because of the culture we live in. We all are having reactions to what is being spewed on social media, television media, newspaper media and every other form of communication. If you are alive, you are hearing something about the politically charged climate we are in. And may I say, I think we need to engage with, rather than disengage from culture. However, we need to listen more than we speak, lest we echo what the culture is saying even if we add a scripture verse or prophetic word with it.

With that being said, I believe if we strip away all that we are seeing and hearing in our culture, and tune our ears to the Lord, we can hear his voice, which always gives us a choice. The thing I love about God is that he always has two options we can choose from. There were two trees in the garden, they were told what to choose, but they still had to choose. Joshua says in Deuteronomy that we have the choice between life and death, then he encourages us to choose life, but knows we have to make our own choice. May I suggest we have yet again a choice to make, not based on a party affiliation, or even between the lesser of two evils. It is obvious both candidates have character flaws, moral issues and places where they are far from righteous, but so do I, and so do you. Therefore, I do not believe we are voting for any of these issues, rather we are voting for either a victim mentality or a victor mentality.

Which candidate you ascribe to which mentality is up to you, but I believe this is where we are as Americans, do we want to be a victim or a victor? Now, no matter what candidate Americans choose, it will not change my choice. I have chosen to be a victor, because nowhere in Scripture do I hear a call to be a victim, but I do see many Christians who have taken on this role of the victim. The victim believes they have no authority to change their situation, no ability to come out of what they are in, nobody to give them a break. But the victor reminds themselves that Greater is He that is in them than He that is in the world. The victor says, I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. The victor decrees, I am more than a conqueror and nothing is impossible for my God. The victim sees no hope for the future, the victor see’s the challenges in front of them and see’s the victory on the other side of those battles.

As believers, we are commanded to be victorious, we say it with our words, but do we believe it. We have to choose who we are going to be, what we are going to believe, are you a victim or a victor? Are you going to make excuses for everything that has happened in your life, or are you going to rise up and walk? The choice is yours. No matter who America votes for, whether for the victor or the victim, I am a victor and I will have more of a battle on my hands if the culture chooses to stay a victim, but it will not change my choice to be a victor. I know the end of the book says we win, but when I listen to the spirit of God right now, He says, YOU WIN, I WIN. We don’t have to wait til we die to win, we can be victorious now, by saying No to ungodliness and yes to the KING OF KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS. Victim or victor? Who are you going to be?  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, who wins! Remember, Jesus wears the victors crown!