Hebrew Year 5777 – The Sword of the Lord 9.8.16
The end of August, Chuck Pierce of Global Sphere Center in Corinth, Texas put out the theme for the coming Hebrew year 5777 which begins on October 2nd, as The Sword of the Lord. For you that are not familiar with Chuck Pierce, he is an apostolic, prophetic leader, who leads the way as it pertains to following the biblical calendar and gives the meaning of each Hebrew year. He wrote a book called A Time to Advance, which you can buy on Amazon, that is amazing and helps with understanding the tribes of Israel, the Hebrew calendar and how God uses these tools to communicate to us about His timing. So, when I heard this coming year was going to be a year of the sword of the Lord, I was curious what the Lord would be saying about this year. Little did I know, He was going to speak to me about it, before I could hear what Chuck Pierce has to say. So, I am presenting this now, so you can hear what I am hearing and let it either confirm what you are hearing, or you can ignore it, but I believe this is what the Lord is saying about the year 5777. 
12 days ago the Lord had me make a sharp turn in the spirit. It was so swift that is literally had my head spinning as I was trying to understand what He was saying. It was as though we were cruising along Route 66 with the top down, just enjoying one another’s company, talking about how awesome He is and how good He is, then all of the sudden He tells me to read the book of Jeremiah. I had just finished the book of John so when He said Jeremiah, I said, do I have to?, for I know what Jeremiah is about and so was not really interested. But, I obeyed and for the past 12 days, I have been reading, seeking, praying and wanting to understand what God is trying to say to me through the book of Jeremiah. For you that are not familiar with the book, the basic outline of the whole book is found in Jeremiah 1:10 which says, “See, I have appointed you this day over nations and over kingdoms, to pluck up and break down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant” (NASB). With many words, images and nations, this is what happens in addition to Israel hearing the prophetic word that they will be going into captivity for 70 years in Babylon, so the cycle of uproot, tear down, destroy, build and plant applies to them as well. 
Now, 12 days later, I come to the end of the book of Jeremiah and this is what it says in Jeremiah 50:35-37, ““A sword is against the Chaldeans,” says the LORD, “Against the inhabitants of Babylon, and against her princes and her wise men. A sword is against the soothsayers, and they will be fools. A sword is against her mighty men, and they will be dismayed. A sword is against their horses, against their chariots, and against all the mixed peoples who are in her midst; And they will become like women. A sword is against her treasures, and they will be robbed” (NKJV). 
The Lord speaks to me and says, “The sword of the Lord is against the spirit of Babylon” (the god of Babylon is Bel, which is translated lord). Now the context of this is that Israel (the people of God) were sent to Babylon as captives because of their sins of adultery and idolatry (you can read my last blog on The Cloud is Moving to learn more about that). So, this is now the end of their season of captivity and I am hearing in my spirit for over a month, Enough is Enough. Therefore, I am putting all the pieces together and this is what I believe God is saying to us as we enter the year 5777, the sword of the Lord. 
1. The Sword of the Lord is the Word of the Lord 
           (Hebrews 4:12 and Revelation 19:15)
2. The Sword of the Lord is going to strike Babylon in order to set His captives free (Luke 4:18)
3. The Sword of the Lord is going to take captives and turn them into covenant keepers (Jeremiah 50:4-5)
4. The Sword of the Lord is going to use the freed captives to rebuild cities (Isaiah 61:1-4)
5. The Sword of the Lord is going to release the transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous (Jeremiah 50:37 and Proverbs 13:22)
On Saturday we felt the tremors of an earthquake that hit Pawnee, OK at 7:02am. I was on a prayer call that I do every Saturday morning, when the house literally began to shake. It took me a second to realize we were experiencing an earthquake, but once I realized it, I told my son, we must get outside immediately, so we left everything and went outside. Once outside, the neighbors were there as well and I was able to share with them that this happened to me while I lived in Seattle, so there was an earthquake somewhere. I went on to say, I am sure we will hear about on the news within the next 30 minutes or so. They were relieved and we all discussed the feeling of the earth moving. After this experience, the Lord spoke to me and said “that was a prophetic picture of what is coming”. As I meditated on this experience and kept reading in Jeremiah this week, it all came together when I got to Jeremiah 50 and 51. When the sword of the Lord strikes Babylon, of which many Christians are living as captives in that system, it is going to cause a shaking. When the shaking starts, it is important to get out of the house (figuratively speaking, but spiritually realistic) that is shaking. Don’t try to grab things to bring with you, just get people and get out. Because, the shaking is going to bring down some houses and destroy some boats (Acts 27). 
The reason I can say this with so much confidence is because about 3 months ago the Lord spoke to me and said, “I am not going to brick and mortar, but to street and corner”. When I came out of my house, during that literal shaking on Saturday, my neighbors were not in brick and mortar, they were on street and corner, seeking answers to what was going on. When the sword of the Lord strikes Babylon and the shaking begins people are going to be on street and corner looking for answers. I had the answers, I became the expert, because I went through in Seattle years earlier, so I knew what it was, even before it was reported on the news. Therefore, I was able to alleviate their fears and encourage my neighbors. 
When the sword of the Lord strikes Babylon, people will be looking for answers, for you that have been set down in the secret place, this will reveal what it was all for. We have been set down to be set up for the kingdom age on earth as it is in heaven. Remember, Jeremiah, uproot, tear down, destroy, build and plant. Not people, but systems. We serve a God of order and when He says, Enough is Enough, you know the sword of the Lord is coming to set the captives free. 5777 is going to be an amazing year for the sons and daughters of God, for the captives of Babylon and for kingdom of God!