Don’t Overstay 10.27.16
I Samuel 15:26 “Samuel said to Saul, I will not return with you; for you have rejected the word of the Lord, and the Lord has rejected you from being king over Israel.”
Saul was anointed the King of Israel, but because of his disobedience which manifested in presumption, read 1 Samuel 15 to see the whole story, he was rejected as King of Israel and the anointing on his life to lead was removed. The challenge is, even though the anointing was no longer there to lead, his pride kept him in that position long past when he should have been there. Staying in that position as King of Israel without and anointing to lead the nation, made room for a giant named Goliath to arise. This giant is identified in 1 Samuel 17 as one who mocked Israel, taunted their armies and produced a fear that resulted in inactivity for a powerful Israeli army. 
When someone overstays in a position, place, or situation, it creates a space for a giant to arise. Once that giant arises, fear comes, mocking arises and people go into hiding. Some of Israel’s army defected to the side of the Philistines, others were standing on a hill shouting back to the giant, but not engaging him, while others were silent on the issue, and still some were hiding in caves waiting for the whole thing to be over. When someone overstays, it creates a giant that paralyzes a once powerful army. So, pride may have kept them in that position, place or posture, but the results were not only devastating for the one in the position, but also for all those who were surrounding them. 
In life we sense shiftings, but if we do not heed the voice of God to shift, because of fear, pride or any other reason, we are going to create a place for a giant to arise. Because the anointing for that place, position or posture is no longer there, then we will be powerless to take out that giant, for our disobedience and unwillingness to shift actually brought on that giant. So, shifting is critical for our success. God does not shift us from something for our demise, but for a new surprise. He is a good good Father. We are not leaving something behind, we are actually building upon where we have been. 
For me, a shifting took place about a month ago. I could feel it on the inside, it was not a physical shift, but it was a spiritual shift. The Lord and I were having such sweet fellowship and intimacy on a level that I had never known before. This season lasted 3 solid years, it was a time of healing, grace, kisses from heaven, it was pure intimacy. But then I felt a shifting, it was quick, and the Lord was calling me to follow Him in the shift, but I did not want to leave what we had gained. So, for three weeks I battled internally, wondering what was going on, had I done something wrong, was I supposed to change course of direction, what was He saying, I was not clear. But then it all came together, He was shifting me from intimacy into authority. We were not leaving intimacy, we were adding authority. If I did not shift, because I was so comfortable in what we have gained and maintained, I would have missed this next dimension of His love, His truth, His power. We did not leave intimacy behind we added to it. 
I am not sure where you are at, I am not sure if you are feeling a shift. Some shifts are because you have been disobedient and the anointing is not there to function, so you need to shift, so someone else can take out the giant that came from your overstay, but it is for everyone’s benefit not your demise. Or maybe the Lord is nudging you to shift in your relationship with Him. No matter what He is saying, you must stay in obedience, for overstay is the reason we are experiencing delay. So don’t overstay, this is what I pray.