In the Bible, every story we read, every person we admire, everything in there from miracles to provision, healing to deliverance, it all happened to people who had faith in the Voice of God that they heard personally or through someone else.

They had no bible they could read in whatever version they preferred. They heard and they believed, so they bowed, shouted, stood in awe of an invisible God. They worshipped, they prayed, they offered sacrifices all based on a voice they heard.

Compare them to us who have more than one Bible but can’t hear the Voice. Who when we do hear ignore what is said and disobey willfully. Yet still want revival, prosperity, grace, joy, and eternal life. There is something seriously wrong with Christianity today.

The cross did not remove the cost of discipleship, did not declare disobedience as acceptable, did not give you and I something for nothing. To whom much has been given much is required. We have forgiveness of sins so we can live righteously not wickedly, we have a bible so we can mature not stay childish and we have pastors not so they can entertain us one day a week but so they can train, equip and deploy us to do the work of the ministry.

It’s time to rethink what we’ve been given in JESUS because the disrespect He endures from us is embarrassing. It is time to honor the Lord by repentance, humility and becoming lovers of God and lovers of people. Jesus is not and add on to our life, He is our life!