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What do you see, was the questioned asked of me and all the others on the prayer call this morning? Answers were coming in saying, I see healing, deliverance, restoration, prosperity, salvation. As I was listening to them say what they saw, I looked at a picture hanging on my fridge that I received as a Christmas card photo and the Lord said to me, “Motion Picture”. He went on to say, “The people in this picture have moved on from the day this picture was taken, but if they were a picture in motion, you could see what they look like right now.” Immediately, I knew to say, what I see is, “Motion Picture”. Needless, to say, you could hear a collective, “what” on the other side of the line, but I said again, I see a “Motion Picture”. We are no longer going to be looking back at past moves of God, we are going to be the motion picture of a current active move of God.

It is now hours later after that prayer call and the words motion picture will not stop swirling around in my mind. I decided to look up motion picture and what I found confirmed to me, we are about to be apart of the motion picture called the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Here are some of the things I learned from Encyclopedia Britannica about motion picture.

  1. Motion picture is a projected in rapid succession on a screen by means of light. I see God moving in such rapid succession in the days ahead, that it will literally be like watching a movie. Healings, signs, wonders, miracles, victories, joy, awe and wonder is going to be happening to frequently that it is going to feel accelerated, we are about to see the kingdom of God in rapid succession (Amos 9:11-15).
  2. The art of motion picture is exceedingly complex, requiring contributions from nearly all other arts as we well as countless technical skills. I see everyone being involved in the advancing kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This is going to be a whole-body (Ephesians 4:16) production. We all are going to have a part and the reason for which we were made will be made evident to all.
  3. The motion picture was quickly recognized as a truly mass form of entertainment. I see God going public with the kingdom. I believe people in mass are going to be amazed at what God is doing (Mark 1:22) as wave after wave of victory begins to happen in people’s lives, as healing breaks out like no virus we have seen, as joy spills out into the streets of major cities.
  4. The illusion of movement holds the attention and may even lower critical resistance. I see this movement called the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven moving at such a pace that people do not have time to be critical. I see God releasing so much goodness and kindness (Romans 2:4), that repentance will be inevitable and criticism will be crushed under the many victories. I see testimonies being the talk of the town.
  5. The film image always appears to be in the present tense and appears to show actual people and things. I see God moving in now time. Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is…” I see us living synchronized with what God is doing now, so that when we make a declaration, we see a manifestation, for it will not just be people saying whatever they want, but rather like Jesus, they will only say what they hear the Father say (John 12:49).
  6. People are comfortably seated in a dark auditorium; the darkness concentrates their attention and they live in the world the motion picture unfolds before them. I see people who are sitting in darkness seeing the kingdom of God in motion picture and they, without hesitation, leave the darkness and come to be a part of the motion picture of light (Isaiah 60:2).
  7. The primary unit of expression in film is the image. I see men and women, young and old, every nation, created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27) displaying the glory of God on earth as it is in heaven. I see image bearers, reflecting the Lord on the earth. I see people who know their God and who do great exploits (Daniel 11:32) creating a movement that grows and keeps on growing until Jesus returns. I see people joining in to the motion picture of God’s kingdom on earth.

The more I write, the more joy that wells up inside of me. It has been said, that when the baby is born, you forget the pain you endured during the delivery. We have been through some hard stuff, but we are about to see God give birth to a move like we have never seen before, it is not going to be a picture on your fridge where you and I say, remember when, it is going to be a present day reality, every day, for we are about to help God produce a motion picture!