On Monday I went to breakfast with a friend and I said to her, I smell the smoke of a rocket launching. I don’t typically talk like that so knew it was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Well, yesterday I was on a phone call in my backyard and then I headed out to run a couple errands. I came back 90 minutes later. I sat down at my desk and out in my backyard on my patio table there was a strange looking black object. I go outside and it’s the bottom half of a rocket. It was not there just 90 minutes earlier.

Prophetic pictures are kisses from heaven that confirm what God is saying. I didn’t think much about what I said at breakfast on Monday about the smell of the smoke of a rocket launching. But now I believe we are in a launching moment. We are about to see some take offs. Not only can I smell the smoke of a rocket launching, I’ve got the base of one to prove it.