If you don’t know, if you haven’t heard we have crossed the Jordan into the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey. This is not a natural location like it was for Israel, it is a location in the spirit in which believe it or not the church has crossed over into. If you listen to the language of believers, you hear words like community, family, manifestation and promises being fulfilled. This is evidence of the promised land life. But you will also hear of giants, enemy nations and battles, all part of the promised land. To some it may sound no different than life in the wilderness, but there are two distinct differences, one we are being led by Joshua’s not Moses’ and two we are in a land that is flowing with milk and honey not manna and water.

The leadership of Joshua is different than that of Moses, not wrong, just different. We will begin to see more and more Joshua leaders rise up with a revelation of Jesus Christ and a team approach to leadership not a one man show leadership. This shift will be signifcantly noticeable. The other change that will become more and more obvious is that we are about to eat a lot of honey. Proverbs 24 says it this way, “Revelation-knowledge is a delicacy, sweet like flowing honey that melts in your mouth. Eat as much of it as you can, my friend! For then you will perceive what is true wisdom, you future will be bright and this hope living within will never disappoint you.”

The book of Joshua is a manual for promised land life right now. If you can hear it there is prophetic understanding unfolding in this book that will show us what we are going to walk through now that we are in the promised land. Read it slowly and carefully, there is much to learn from this book. To get you started, we are currently at Gilgal, being circumcised/set apart/consecrated for this new land we have entered. (Joshua 5) The next thing I am watching for is Passover 5782/2022 which happens on April 15th. Joshua 5 says, “The very next day (after Passover), they ate for the first time food grown in Canaan-roasted grain and flatbread made without yeast. On that day, when they ate the produce of the land, the manna stopped falling from heaven. The Israelites never at manna again, but that year enjoyed the fruit of the land of Canaan.” I see a financial change of the likes we have never seen coming around Passover. Enjoy the promised land, we made it in!