There is a new boat pulling up to the dock. There is another option being presented to us in this hour. You have heard the phrase, “don’t miss the boat” that is not just a phrase in this hour, that is a truth. There is a different boat pulling up to the dock and now that I have seen it in prayer I am not going to miss it and I don’t want you to either. However, there is one caviat, you must get out of your “row boat” if you are going to get into the “speed boat” that is pulling up to the dock right now.

People have been sitting in, rowing and floating along in a row boat for so many years. I did not have this language until this morning in prayer when the Lord opened up this vision of the two boats in Psalm 108. The row boat is in verse 12 “Oh give us help against the adversary, For deliverance by man is in vain.” As I prayed into this verse the Lord immediately showed me a row boat. He said the deliverance of man is very slow. I came to my prophetic dictionary called The Divinity Code and this is what it says about a row boat “ministry or life of self-effort; old or limited thinking; not changing or adapting.” Slow boat, row boat is self-effort.

Then I saw the speed boat as I prayed verse 13 “Through God we will do valiantly, And it is He who shall tread down our adversaries.” When I saw the speed boat I saw the wind blowing in the people’s hair who are on this boat, I saw some smiling and laughing others scared but they were in the boat and they were making waves. The speed boat is defined in The Divinity Code as “accelerating the ministry; accelerating the destiny; powerful ministry; quick or suddenly.” The rate of speed at which things get done in the speed boat is God’s power, so one word heals decades of trauma; one touch heals chronic pain; one check cancels all debt. The speed boat does in a day what the row boat takes years to accomplish.

I’m done settling for the row boat lifestyle, I’m getting on that speed boat I saw and I’m not going to apologize for making waves. I am going to ride on that boat with the wind in my hair and a smile on my face as our God does valiantly and treads down His enemies. If you want to get on the speed boat of God’s power you have to get off the row boat of self-effort, because I see it headed our way right now!