Royalty —- Aristocracy —- Kingdom —- Wealth —- Legacy —- History —- these are all words Europeans, Middle Easterns, Africans, Asians are familiar with because they live in a land rich in history, full of mystery and culturally understand these things. These are bible words that most Westerners say but are not familiar with. Even the words the House of David or the House of the Lord which are very biblical words, have such depth but are treated so lightly. There are many benefits to being a young nation like America, but there are many things we miss as well. Youth is passionate, energetic and exciting, but maturity is longevity, history, depth, flavor, stability. One is not better than the other, they are just different, but understanding both is important to truly appreciate the Ancient of Days and the word of God that is eternal.

I was praying Psalm 111 this morning and verse 9 says, “He has ordained His covenant forever; Holy and awesome is His name.” As I prayed this verse the Lord began to speak to me about the House of His Name. In the West we read the word house and think building, but house is actually synonymous biblically with family. I have a friend in Italy who was telling me about the House of Gucci, I knew she was talking about the Gucci family, not the corporate offices. For a house is a family. That is why we are called the House of God, it is synonymous with the family of God. So, when the Lord told David he would build him a house, it was not a building, but a people, a family line. Remember the Messiah came from the house of David, his family line in the natural.

Meditating on these things made me realize the privilege of being called a daughter in the House of Yahweh. This thought is so overwhelming, for the name Yahweh carries history, mystery, power, authority, legacy, intimacy and prosperity. Being a daughter in the House of Yahweh means we are royalty, aristocracy, and it causes me to stand in awe and wonder of the head of this House. Can you hear whose you are? Can you see it? We are the House of God.