In the church we hear words like revival, awakening, religion, glory, it’s literally a language for the most part that has stayed compartmentalized in the four walls of the church. But God never intended to stay in the box called the ark of the covenant, nor the temple of Solomon or Hezekiah. The kingdom is not for limited spaces, but wide open spaces. Next time you get a minute to just stand outside, stop and look around, take in the beauty, majesty and abundance of wide open space. It will cause your lungs to expand, your heart to calibrate and you eyes to see the magnitude of possibilities.

I wonder if God has cabin fever, if He feels cooped up inside of you, wanting to break out, expand, express Himself through you in ways you struggle to even dream about. Religion and religious people tell you the same thing over and over again in different ways, because religion and religious people think they know it all. They would rather master the small than loose control in the abundance. The root of small is fear, but God is not afraid of your dreams, your personality, your volume, He says there’s plenty of room, come out here. What is awakening? It’s seeing what you haven’t seen before? What is revival? It’s hearing what you haven’t heard before. What’s Glory? It’s the presence of God in abundance inside of you, outside of you, all around you.

Don’t let religion make you a know it all, for that is what keeps you small. Lift up your eyes, open up your ears, return to awe and wonder. Our God still parts seas; He still calms storms; He continues to heal the sick; the demons still manifest when He is near; He has not changed His nature, but He has changed His location. He is now seated at the right hand of God and His spirit is living in you and me. Divinity in humanity is the authority that determines reality. Follow Him into His kingdom and watch Him make you into a mature son who is given the keys of the kingdom to bind and loose. It’s who your called to be but it starts with following Jesus into wide open spaces.