Men in uniform, visible to the naked eye are being honored today for their service to this country. We salute you and thank you for all you have done, even to the point of giving your life for our freedom. In addition, since this is a Memorial Day, I want to remember all the intercessors that have spent hours upon hours, drove miles upon miles, served in the secret place we call prayer, stood in both public and private locations to pray for this nation. Without the prayers of the intercessors in this land, both known and unknown to the naked eye, they wear a uniform as well. I salute you intercessors, for you are true warriors in the kingdom of God.

Whether you are a member of the US Government military or the Kingdom of God military, both are fighting on the ground and in the air, some are even fighting underground for our freedom and I want to say thank you. The weapons used by the US Military is different than the ones used by intercessors, for 2 Corinthians 10 tells us, the weapons we fight with are not carnal, but they are powerful, for they pull down strongholds, arguments and every lofty thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We need both the US Military and the intercessors. Together they keep our nation safe.

I also want to thank the prophetic voices and apostolic leaders who give insight and instruction to the intercessors. People like Dutch Sheets and his team who faithfully has led the charge with his Give Him 15 daily briefing; people like Lou Engle and his team who do stadium events for massive prayer and sending gatherings; for people like Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Johnny Enlow, Greg Hood, and Patrick and Susan O’Marra who faithfully gather teams of people to do intercessory prayer assignments around this country and the world. We salute you.

Finally, I want to thank God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, who watches over His word to perform it in our nation; who does not allow the enemy too much access to us knowing we are but dust; and who is our Father in heaven, that commands the hosts to guard us in all our ways. Our nation may not be perfect, it may be in a great time of transition, recalibration, kingdom destination, but it is all for the glory of God and this is what I remember on this Memorial Day 2022.