We all have a sphere of influence. For some it is their immediate family, for others it is their intimidate group of friends, for others it is a team they lead at work, still for others it is a group they pastor at church. Everyone is in a sphere of influence and most of us are in more than one. Therefore, what we do, known or unknown to us, affects those around us, depending on how much influence we yield in which sphere.

When we allow the Lord to unlock us, it unlocks others around us that we have influence over in our sphere. When we remain bound, we either lose our influence in our sphere or those in our sphere remain bound as well. The more free we are, the more influence we carry, because people want to be free, so they gravitate to people who are free. Free to what? Free to be generous on all occasions. Freedom looks like generosity. We are free to smile, laugh, joke around, play, sing, shout, dance, cry, pray, grieve. Freedom is the ability to live in the now, so whatever that moment presents you are free to engage in it.

Yesterday, I went to an appointment that unlocked 47 years of shame in me. There were many things that led to this moment, but this moment unlocked me from 47 years of shame. While this unlocking was manifesting there were 8-10 other women in the room and I shared with them how Jesus has healed me internally and now it was time for a manifestation of that healing. With tears in many people’s eyes including my own, 47 years of shame was unlocked for me and those who I had momentary influence over saw the transformation and were able to partake in the unlocking.

As we get more and more unlocked, we will see others unlocked as well. In Psalm 20, David made 8 statements saying to his people, May God…when David saw, God did for them what he asked, he said, “Now I know that the LORD saves His anointed; He will answer him from His holy heaven with the saving strength of His right hand.” David became unlocked when he saw God unlock Israel by answering their prayers. My friends, I hear the chains falling! I hear the doors unlocking!