I awoke with a strong sense this morning that I was to take communion and was to make it something I do daily again. I used to take communion everyday in my personal prayer time, but with many transitions and changes happening for some reason that got dropped. This morning the Lord brought it back and what He showed me today is what I sense I am supposed to share with you.

People remember what others say, but most do not reflect upon or remember what they say. We can quote other peoples complaints, concerns, comments, but we tend to not have such a good memory of what comes out of our own mouths. Jesus said, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34). We learn what is in our hearts by what we say, we learn what is in other peoples hearts by what they say. If you are a good listener to what others say and what you say, then you can hear what is in their heart and your heart.

I was reflecting on somethings I have spoken over the past couple days and what the Lord showed me was something in my heart I did not congnitively realize was there. When I listened to what I said, I realized it revealed to me what was inside of me. I cannot change anyone but me, so once this realization was in front of me, I knew there was something I needed to deal with, so I did with communion.

The Lord showed me this morning that the bread of communion represents the pierced body of Jesus, so the hurts we have felt, are patched when we take the bread. It is like the bread of communion is mortar that patches the piercings in our heart. Then as I took the juice of communion, the Lord showed me the blood then seals the patch, so the piercing can heal properly and so no more words are released from that pierced place. It was a powerful, practical example the Lord showed me of the power of communion to heal a pierced heart. Communion heals the hurts in our heart.