Once a month our church does, what we call Hope at Home. Our whole church gathers in homes once a month to worship, take communion, have discussion and fellowship together. This month our senior leader did a video message from Revelation 2 and gave us three points to discuss: remember, repent and return. He wanted us to remember why we decided to join this church, he exhorted us to repent of the sins that sought to destroy our community, and he invited us to return to our first love of God and this community. It was a simple yet powerful message.

I am the discussion group leader for our home and we all shared why we joined Hope UC Nashville, the reasons given created a tapestry of community that made me so thankful for our church that truly does life together. Next we discussed, what the Lord had me call “the little foxes” that were seeking to destroy what God is building among us. We named the “little foxes” so we could shoot them down in sniper prayer, for if that little fox was messing with one we knew it was messing with us all and we were going to have none of it. We ended by getting in a circle, holding hands and sniper praying to take out the little foxes. It was our way of returning and return we did, some with tears, others with smiles, but all knowing we are here to protect what God has given us.

This is the context of what the Lord spoke to me this morning in prayer and I hope it helps you with your own little foxes in your own communities. Historical voices are not current realities. Historical voices are speaking past hurts into current realities and all they are is a little fox trying to destroy the new vineyard. Shoot them down in prayer with the word of God. Don’t let them ruin your current vineyard. The historical voices are returning because they see what is blooming. The little foxes see the fruit of the new vineyard and they want to destroy the vine, before it can release the new wine. Guard your vineyard, shoot down the little foxes.

Song of Solomon 2:15 “Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes.”