When you haven’t been invited to be in the spotlight, when you come into a church, community, family, it is important to remain in the lower seat. It is not your show, your event, your gig. Having lived through many years of a bona fide revival that began in March 1996 and continued legitimately into 2010, we saw and heard many things. We saw the power of God restore marriages, heal bodies, supernaturally increase finances, but we also saw people who were prophets try to come in and prophesy, people who thought their ministry was flags so tried to take over the service with their flags or dancing, we had people that were called to be prayer warriors so wanted to pray for people, we even had one man come in who said he was Jesus and he even dressed the part.

I saw and heard both sides of revival, but it does not just happen in revival in happens in churches, communities and cities all over the world. If someone has a gift/calling, they believe they should be able to have the microphone, sing on the worship team, lead this, do that. It is truly an epidemic in the charismatic church. Therefore, when my dear friend Marcella Mitchell said the other day, when I asked her why she was not showcasing at this birthday party how well she can dance, she said, “I wanted to be present, but not prominent!” I was so blessed by these words she spoke, I have been meditating on them for days. The wisdom, the truth, the power of these words have penetrated me and I believe they are words the body of Christ needs to hear.

We as believers, no matter how gifted, talented, anointed, appointed, titled, called we are, if we cannot enter a room, a church, a community, a city, and be present without having to be prominent we have missed the heart of God. Jesus came to earth and as Marcella said, He was being present, but not prominent. Jesus never demanded a certain seat, a specific title, a microphone, a ministry opportunity, He was truly present, but not prominent. Oh church, may we hear the words deep inside of us that my friend shared, may we remember we are called to be present, not prominent no matter how good we may be at something. Thanks Marcella for espousing wisdom we all need to hear.