There was nothing on the calendar today, no appointments, no meetings, just some down time to read, write, pray and enjoy time alone in my room. That was until I got a text message from Marcella Mitchell that asked me to pray for a couple of bills that that the state of Tennessee has on the table which will alter homeschooling for families in this state. I sought some more information about bills HB1214 and SB1194 and came to realize quickly, I needed to go down to the state capital building and pray. I quickly got dressed and headed out the door.

Once I arrived at the state capital, after climbing a lot of stairs, I walked in and headed to the right, and the first room I see is the Original Supreme Court room. I walk in and I knew this is where I was to pray. I set my purse on the chair and began to walk back and forth praying in tongues. The Holy Spirit prompted me to decree from the podium 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 which says, everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God must come down. I stand behind the podium and address the court with this decree as God said to do. I then began to pray some more for ancient boundary markers to not be moved, for righteousness to exalt our nation and for the state of Tennessee to be cleansed of every anti-Christ spirit in this building. At the end of my prayer time, I sensed in my spirit a song rising, so I call Marcella so she can sing it over the room, but she was homeschooling, so I sang, “Every high thing must come down, every stronghold must be broken, you wear the victors crown, you overcome, you overcome!”

I leave that room, knowing I did what I was brought in that building to do. I walk around to see what else is in there and it just confirmed I was praying in the right room today. Decrees were made in the original Supreme Court room in the capital building in Nashville, TN. I then head outside, to blow the shofar and seek help from heaven, the sounds attracted some security officers, but I was done before they could ask me to stop. I then went to the Liberty Bell on site and anointed it with oil and rang it as I decreed Leviticus 25:10, which is etched on the bell, JUBILEE. I called for land restoration, debt cancellation and family reconciliation. I walked past the Andrew Jackson monument and the Lord said, lay hands on that monument and declare financial freedom for this nation. I did as I was commanded. Then I headed down the steps back to my truck.

Little did I know on the way down, I saw multiple tuning forks right next to the Music Hall of Fame Museum. I got closer and was reminded that the Lord had me come down to Music Row and use a tuning fork to tap all of the studios so they would release the frequency of heaven. Now I am being invited to do the same thing to the Music Hall of Fame Museum, so I grab my tuning fork and tap the building seven times and tune it to the frequency of heaven. I walk back to the truck to leave and the address on the building I am parked in front of is 444. You can’t make this stuff up. I love going on prophetic adventures with God. Thanks Marcella for the prayer assignment for today. God is for us so who can be against us? No one!