For the past couple of weeks I have been talking with the Lord about the word glory. I have researched the Hebrew of glory which is kabod, and means weighty, wealth, abundance, and I have studied the scriptures where glory is mentioned, like when the glory filled the temple so the priests could not even minister. Yet, there was a nudging of the Holy Spirit inside of me that kept saying, “there is more to glory than you realize. There are other aspects of it that have not been brought into the forefront of your thinking.” The Holy Spirit knows all truth and we are told leads us into all truth, so I was leaning in to hear, what is glory and what will it look like in this move of God?

Glory will include miracles of many kinds; glory will bring in the harvest; and glory will cause us all to fall face down, but there is another aspect of glory that I sense the Holy Spirit is saying will manifest in our midst. Glory is going to make all things beautiful. Beauty is going to be a manifestion of glory in this move of God. The Lord has shown me how sin makes us ugly, it deforms us, it misaligns us and makes us not feel beautiful. He showed me how shame, which makes us hide, is ugly, for we were made to display the glory of God, the beauty of God and shine for all to see. The Bible even says a woman’s hair is her glory, it is her beauty, God is going to release beauty as a sign of His glory. He is about to make His people beautiful, His creation beautiful, everything is about to encounter the glory of God that is beauty.

Christianity has become so professional, so predictable, so presumptive, but God is about to remove these parameters that have caged us into what we can control. He is making us beautiful, because He loves romance, spontaneity, mystery, and this will cause us to live in awe and wonder again. Our God is releasing glory, which is beauty, for He is inviting His bride to be pure, spotless, without wrinkle, and the glory of God is about to beautify the people of God. We are headed into the Esther beauty treatments, so we as the Church can display the glory of God in the land of the living. Glory is beauty, that is why glory looks good on us, makes us radiant, so we can arise and shine and give Him all our glory, beauty, it is all for Him, we are His.