When the narrative of the nations are screaming bank failures, earthquakes, protests, inflation and every other negative report, it takes faith to ascend above the narrative of the lower atmosphere to hear the report of the Lord. The microphone is in the hands of the media, they set the narrative and since we live in the realm where their voice is the loudest, we cannot deny what we hear. However, the Word of God, which is living and active, sharper than a two-edged sword still cuts between bone and marrow and still separates the thoughts and intentions of our hearts (Hebrews 4:12). The Word of God is the final say on all matters in the lower atmosphere, for it has superior authority to anything the media may say.

Reading Ephesians 1 this morning, the Lord reminded me and I want to remind us, “The operative energy of the manifested strength of God’s might, which might was operative in the Christ when God raised Him from among the dead and seated Christ at His right hand in the heavenly places, over and above every government and authority and power and lordship and every name that is constantly being named, not only in this age, but also in the one about to come.” Remember, Jesus is over every government, authority, power, lordship and name that is named. Jesus is seated, He is not striving, struggling, or stressed out about what is happening on the earth. He is the ruler of the nations and men, no matter what their names are, they are but a vapor, Jesus Christ is eternal.

Lift up your eyes and look at your King seated on a governmental throne ruling the nations. He see’s it all, He is judge of all the earth and He is not slow in His dealing with injustice and wickedness, finances and families. We are seeing righteousness exalt the nations, for God has decreed vindication for the nations. Babylon is falling, fear not my friends, our God is for us and not against us, He wears the victors crown so we overcome!