WATCH APRIL! It was August 2022 when the Lord spoke these two words to me, “WATCH APRIL”. No context, no further information, just watch April. That was almost seven months ago, when I heard that and little did I know all that would be happening in the world and the spirit back in August. I mentioned this prophetic word to my friend Sharon Ward Shirley the other day and she said, you need to share that, for there is much significance in what you heard. She now hash tags #WatchApril on things she says to me as she is watching with me.

I am so thankful for the body of Christ, because we need each other to understand what God is saying. I remember the week I was listening to Johnny + Elizabeth Enlow on Elijah Streams and he was teaching on the prophetic. He said, “If God tell you the what, He will not tell you the when; and if God tells you the when, He will not tell you the what.” He went on to say, the Lord does this because He wants us to be dependent on one another. This helped me so much, I tend to hear the what, but had no clue on the when things would come to pass, but this time, the Lord told me the when, WATCH APRIL, but I have no idea the what.

I just wanted to share that with all of you so you to can join me in watching in April. I am not sure what is coming, but I know I am supposed to watch and wanted to invite you to the WATCH APRIL prophetic word from the Lord. I have a sense we are going to see a lot happening next month in many spheres of society and in the spirit. Will you join me as we WATCH APRIL?