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Psalm 55:12-13 “If an enemy were insulting me, I could endure it; if a foe were raising himself against me, I could hide from him. But it is you, a man like myself, my companion, my close friend”

People are your greatest asset and people are your greatest liability. The kingdom of God and its advancement is designed to use people. God does nothing on the earth without the use of His people. We are co-heirs with Christ, created in the image of God, filled with the power and presence of God, we have been given authority. Our words create, our words heal, our words, are containers of power. The Lord has entrusted us with the privilege of being His representative on earth. This is why people are our greatest asset.

People also have a free will and they can choose to use all their God given authority and power to tear down, to destroy, to hurt, to hinder others. People can resist God, resist authority, resist the very ones God put in their lives to bless them. People can say no to God’s will for their life, they can choose destructive behaviors, attitudes and actions. People have been given the ability to choose, and sometimes those choices do not benefit humanity and the advancing kingdom, sometimes those choices actually defeat the purposes of God.

As Christians, we have the power to be both of the aboveforementioned people, however, we have the word of God to guide us, lead us and reveal to us the truth about who we are called to be. The challenge is, many Christians are unaware of how they treat others. We can get so consumed in our own lives, that we miss the response of those around us. People are constantly giving us clues to who they are, what they are feeling and what they are experiencing when they are around us. Yet, many of us, believers, do things to other believers that is very painful and unlike God, and we are either unaware or we don’t care.

People are going to hurt other people, but when a Christian hurts another Christian or treats a fellow believer as less than they deserve to be treated as a child of God, it is possibly one of the most painful things we can experience. If unbelievers do unbelieving things, there is an understanding that they don’t know any better. But when a Christian treats people like unbelievers do, there is sting that happens, which is hard to describe, because we expect them to know better. Jesus never threw anyone away and as believers we are to follow the example of Christ. We are called to treat people as valuable, for that is how Christ treats us. People are not disposable, to God they are valuable and they should be just as valuable to us.