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For many years’ people have tolerated, promoted and even copied an echo. An echo is not taken from a source, but from someone who took it from the source. An echo is hearing something someone else said and then adding some of you to it and putting it out there as an original. The church has been notorious for listening to other people preach and then taking their sermons and presenting them from their pulpits or from reading someone else’s book, adding something to it and calling it their own message. The echo may sound original to the audience for a season, but eventually the echo will fade away and the cry for a voice will come forth.

In the days of John the Baptist, Matthew 3:3 says, “A voice of one calling in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord.” Isaiah 40:3-5 says, “The voice of him that cries in the wilderness, prepare you the way…” and John 1:23 says, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord.” John the Baptist was a voice, there had been 400 years of silence from the book of Malachi until the book of Matthew and the people for 400 years only heard an echo and it morphed into a Pharisaical religion that blocked people from experiencing the presence, power and voice of God. So, when John arose as a voice, the religious spirits began to squirm, the ground began to shake, the Messiah was coming on the scene in the midst of political upheaval, and everyone knew this man was not an echo, he was a voice.

Throughout scripture we see during times of national unrest, political upheaval and religious echoes the Lord releases a voice. We are living in such a time. The pieces are all in place for voices to rise up and speak the truth of the Word of God, a reformation of truth is coming and is already here, though many cannot hear. We will hear a new sound come out of people, it will be so unique we will wonder if it is them or someone they copied, because God is opening wide the mouths of the voices that have been trained in the wilderness. These voices are going to speak scripture in a way we had not heard it spoken before, but because it is pure truth, pure word of God, we will not be able to argue with them. The truth will set people free by the droves, it will bring a liberation like has not been seen in years.

A revolution is arising, we see it in politics, we see it church attendance, we see it in the crossing of the Jordan from the wilderness to the promised land. People will arise from various nations like Lana Vawser in Australia, Dutch Sheets in his Appeal to Heaven, Bill Johnson in Redding, CA and Christine Caine in Southern CA. Voices that are coming with a fresh revelation, a fresh word, daily bread from heaven. They are not an echo, they are a voice and we have seen some of them arise, but many more are about to hit pulpits, platforms and places that will blow your mind. They were created before the foundation of the earth to be a voice crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord. The voice will come through song, through books, through sermons, though movies, but it is a voice, not an echo. Can you hear the sound of the voice? It is the end of the echo and the time of the arising voice. It is a sound of fierce love, fearless passion and insight that can only come from intimacy. Everything is about to change, because it’s the end of the echo.