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The news media is daily in shock that Donald Trump is still, at least in the polls on top of the political pack. An outsider, a man with his own money, a man who says some extremely bombastic things, that in any other race would have caused the candidate to fall far below 5% support. He seems as though he is bulletproof and the media, up to this point did not see him even as a contender in the political race going into Iowa. He is also a very polarizing person for Christians, because many Christians want a Christian over our nation as the leader. But what is God doing through this whole process, what is the cry coming from the people in this nation, that wants someone like Donald Trump as their leader. Why is the media shifting their viewpoint on the subject of Donald Trump? What is going on below the surface in this political race?

As Christians we are called to ask questions, more than we try to provide answers to things we only know about based on what the media tells us. Very few of us have ever met Donald Trump, nor will we, but those who have, say great things about his heart, the atmosphere he creates in a room and the way he honors people. He is an outsider to politics, we do not have a political track record on him to see what he has or has not done in politics, but this is not even about Donald Trump, it is about the change that is occurring in politics whether you like it or not. Change that is needed, for the establishment has been unable to make any changes that cause our nation to rise. I salute the political race and the American people at this point for they want America, the America who is declared one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all to return. They are tired of politics as usual and the nepotism that has ruled for many years. Donald Trump is like a wrecking ball, but at least he is willing to break down some political correctness so we can have a voice again and declare the land of the free, the home of the brave.

The flip side of this same coin is the church, religion, Christianity as we know it today. The same movement that is happening in politics is happening in the body of Christ. Outsiders, new comers, people who are not seminary trained, grew up in church all their life people are rising. They are people who have been considered outsiders to the establishment, so they don’t know nor do they play the religious games and they refuse to be an echo. Some people like them and are rallying around their banner of love, others are labeling them Absalom’s or Korah’s for speaking out against the establishment. These people have faith that can move mountains, they have an identity that is secure in the Lord not their title or position and like John the Baptist they are meeting outside the prescribed places of worship.

Christians are resonating with these outsiders, for they recognize that the established religious system of our day is not working, so they are willing to try something different. They realize it is a risk, they know it won’t be applauded, but they have a desire for change and they want their voice back. Jesus told them, all authority in heaven and earth has been given to you, now go and cast out demons, heal sick people, baptize nations, preach the gospel with every creative way possible and be a minister in the marketplace for yours is the kingdom of God. They are asking questions of their leaders but not getting any answers, they are wanting to change, but the system is not willing to budge, so they rise up and go, not out of rebellion, but out of a need to live.

As believers, King David did the same thing. In I Samuel 17 there was a 40 plus day battle that was going on with no progress and no change in sight. With the enemy Philistines on one side and Saul and the Israeli army on the other side, they stood day after day and shouted to one another, but no one made a move. Then David comes on the scene and he hears the rewards for the one who defeats their best warrior, Goliath. The system wanted David to do it their way, but their way had proved unsuccessful, so David did it his way. This brought ridicule from his brothers, because they knew they were supposed to be the ones fighting, but they were caught in the system. So, David an outsider took a stand, defeated the enemy and activated the army of Israel. Yes, this victory was the end of Saul’s reign and the beginning of David’s, because of jealousy on Saul’s part and the need to be number one rather than on the team.

We are living in a day and age, where men and women, young and old are rising up with a heart like David, they see the system and how it has paralyzed the people; they see the leaders and how they are caught in the establishment; and they see the Lord and hear the shofar sounding in the heavens, so they are standing up, stepping out and shouting…it’s a new day in both religion and politics.