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Proverbs 18:16 “The right gift at the right time can open up new opportunities and gains access to influential people.” (The Voice Translation)

We are on the verge of the greatest breakthrough our generation has ever seen, experienced or participated in. There are more people that we know who have been in a place of hiding, not out of fear, but out of preparation for what is coming. Since being in Redding, CA for the past two weeks the Lord has revealed things to me, that words cannot utter at this time, but what is coming is going to be visible to believers and unbelievers alike. This is not going to be a one nation, one region, one city, one church, one ministry event. This is going to be of global proportions and we are going to say with Job 42:5, “My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.” Yes my friends, it is going to be that big, that is why we have been learning, as Bill Johnson so eloquently said last night, “bold faith stands on the shoulders of quiet trust.” We have been learning to trust quietly, because our faith is going to be extremely bold.

Now that we can see in part what is coming, what do we need to be doing, what understanding is the Lord releasing to us as we press in just a little while longer? I believe we need to hear the truth once again that the right gift, at the right time, can open up new opportunities and gains access to influential people. But here is the unique twist on this that the Lord revealed to me in worship yesterday morning. He said, “a song is a gift; a tithe or offering is a gift; a word of encouragement is a gift; a kind word or gesture is a gift.” When we offer gifts to the Lord or to other people, one of those gifts is going to open doors for us. We have been taught a resume opens a door, the right network opens the door, but the Lord says, the right gift at the right time is going to open the door.

We need to listen to the songs we sing, because some songs are our gift; we need to pay attention to the offerings and tithes we sow, because some of them are gifts we give; and we need to listen carefully to the voice of God as He speaks through us to other people, because our words have the power to activate greatness in other people and this is our gift. I felt like the Lord said, we need to be prepared to give gifts in every situation, because the right gift at the right time is going to open doors and usher us before people of influence in the natural, but even more so in the spirit. Remember what the Psalmist said, “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise! (Psalm 100:4). Your gift will usher you into places you only dreamt of going, so don’t leave home without your gift, for it is what will begin opening doors.